Employers have a legal obligation to protect their workers from the health risks of working with display screen equipment. Health and safety regulations state that employers must complete risk assessments for employees’ workstations in order to identify and rectify any risks.

With so many individuals across all industries working with display screen equipment every day, it is a training course that is highly sought after. Adding Assessing Display Screen Equipment training in your portfolio can be a great option for your training business.

What Is A Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment?

Display screen equipment, or DSE, refers to any device or equipment which uses a graphic or alphanumeric display screen. This includes laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Millions of workers and business use display screen equipment every day, and so risk assessments are very commonplace.

Like with any risk assessment, the aim is to identify any hazards that could be caused by using the equipment. This means that employers can then use this information to rectify any risks and reduce the chances of employees becoming injured or ill because of display screen equipment.

What Is Assessing DSE Training?

This is a training course that provides learners with an understanding of the legal framework of using DSE. It is ideal for anyone who has management responsibilities within a business. Alternatively, it is useful for individuals who are their company’s DSE assessor. Our training course covers information including;

  • How to carry out a display screen equipment assessment at work.
  • The legal guidelines and requirements of assessing display screen equipment.
  • The risks and health effect of poorly designed workstations.

At VideoTile, we can help you to add Assessing Display Screen Equipment training to your portfolio. We can brand and integrate all of our courses into your business seamlessly so that you can offer them to your clients effortlessly. For more information, contact our expert team.