Asbestos was heavily used in construction and building work many years ago before we were fully aware of the dangers it can pose. Today we know that asbestos is an extremely hazardous material and is extremely detrimental to our health and safety. Because of this, training is a must-have for anyone who may be at risk of asbestos exposure whilst at work.

Here at VideoTile, we offer Asbestos Awareness For Architects And Designers as a training course which can you can add to your training portfolio.

What Is Asbestos Awareness For Architects And Designers?

Our Asbestos Awareness For Architects And Designers Course contains all the same training information as our Asbestos Awareness course. In addition to this, there is unique training specifically for designers and architects that work with buildings which could contain asbestos.

Our training course covers everything architects and designers need to know about legislation regarding asbestos and their responsibilities. Designers and architects have additional responsibilities when it comes to asbestos awareness. Furthermore, the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) states that they hold a duty of care.

Online Courses From VideoTile

RoSPA and IATP approve our training course. With this, you can rest assured it is a high quality and trustworthy course to invest in. The RRP of our course is £35 per candidate, and it is a great addition to any training portfolio.

We can work with you to brand the course to suit your business. Then, we’ll help you to integrate it with your existing website for seamless usage. When you choose to become part of our distribution partner network, you can access our technical, creative and marketing resources to help your business thrive.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure your training portfolio is adding value to your customers. For more information on our Asbestos courses and joining our partner network, get in touch today.