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e-learning distribution partner

At VideoTile Learning we are always looking for new distribution partners to share our interactive courses with their market. Our extensive range of courses appeals to many different kinds of distributor and in every instance, we offer:

  • Highly engaging and interactive video content
  • Customisation to suit your brand
  • Approved and accredited content

We want you to choose us as your e-learning partner and this is why we make our approved and accredited courses available through our Distributor Partner Network. We have courses in many different sectors from business skills to health and safety and social care. You can explore our full range of course areas online to get a feel for our offering.

Choose VideoTile as your E-Learning Partner

Our distribution network partners benefit from the whole prowess of our team. Our creative, marketing and technical resources are available to you. You are provided with a full pack of branded marketing materials to use with your courses. We also provide comprehensive sales training and guidance on how to get the most value out of the courses. You will also be provided with support from our dedicated ‘Above the Line’ marketing campaigns for inspiration.

With VideoTile as your e-learning partner we will help you setup the best methods for sharing our courses. Our courses easily integrate into your business and ensure you get the most value from them.

We work with distribution partners in many different sectors of industry. We have partners in dedicated training organisations , health and safety consultancies, HR firms, insurance service providers and many more sectors.

Online training adds more value to your business offering. With VideoTile you also have a fully supported option with plenty of training and advice to ensure you are fully versed in your chosen courses.

You can contact us directly to discuss becoming one of our highly valued partners. You can also give us a call to simply get more information about your options.



Interactive video-based e-learning courses have become prevalent in many industries, helping companies train their employees quickly and efficiently. At VideoTile Learning we specialise in the creation of these interactive video courses in a wide range of different subject areas including Social Care, Business Skills and Health and Safety.

Our courses are produced with interactive features and with a focus on learning and all of our online courses are available exclusively through out Distribution Partner Network, making us the perfect online training partner for businesses in many different sectors.

Fully Branded E-Learning Solutions

Our distribution partners receive a fully branded solution for seamless integration into their existing website and business processes. When you partner with us as your e-learning partner you get the benefit of all our specialist skills. All of our technical, creative and marketing resources are at your disposal for crafting your branded products. Our distribution partners all receive a pack of branded marketing materials and comprehensive training on how to sell and get value from our courses. All partners also receive support from our own Above the Line marketing campaigns.

Integrate Online Training into your Business

We work closely with our partners to help them succeed and get the most from our courses. We work with you to integrate the training into your business, ensuring it adds value and ensures the courses are made available to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our courses offer many opportunities as your business as a distributor.  There are many other ways our partners use our courses to be more competitive in the market place.

Our partners use our courses in the following ways:

  • classroom training
  • quick and effective refresher training
  • individual modules as part of apprenticeships
  • part of larger packages and bundles.

Another benefit of our online training is that you can be sure all the new companies you connect with through the training programs will want to know what else your company does. This also gives you the chance to sell ad promote your other services.

Our partners come from a variety of different sectors including:

  • Training Organisations
  • Health and Safety Consultants
  • Providers of Apprenticeships
  • HR Companies
  • Insurance Services
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Recruitment
  • Safety Equipment and Alarm Specialists

So, if you’re looking to offer online training to your customers, contact us today, we’d love to hear from you.