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Health and Safety E-Learning Course

For all workplaces, employers have a legal responsibility to manage health and safety. One aspect of maintaining health and safety is through training. To help make the training easier for employees and employers, VideoTile recommends health and safety e-learning course.

VideoTile are your e-learning partner. We create captivating interactive video-based training to suit your client’s training needs. We then offer a fully branded solution; this means that your chosen courses are given the branding you want for a seamless experience for your clients. We know how important having a good quality health and safety e-learning course is. This is why we use the latest training technique and state-of-the-art technology to create training that works.

What health and safety e-learning course do VideoTile offer?

To suit all training providers and their clients, we offer a range of different health and safety e-learning courses. Some of the courses you may wish to provide your clients include;

Manual Handling – Almost every employer in every workplace will have to complete some form of manual handling. This course explains the risks and injuries of poor manual handling. It also describes the best practice approach to lifting and moving as safely as possible.

Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers – With the rise of remote working, this course is essential for those who work alone, whether they work at home, are mobile or work alone in the business premises. The course covers the legal responsibilities of employers and employees; it also offers practical steps to implement.

Display Screen Equipment – For anyone that uses display screen equipment as part of their normal work should undertake this course. The training covers the correct way to set up equipment as well as how to use display screen equipment safely.

Looking for a health and safety e-learning course?

VideoTile offer a range of courses for health and safety. See our courses first-hand with your free trial. Alternatively, give our team a call on  0845 838 2809 if you are looking for a particular health and safety e-learning course.

Manual Handling Online Training

Did you know that manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work? Employers have a responsibility to protect their workers from the risk of manual handling-related injuries. As a training provider, you can help employer comply with regulations through training courses. For complete ease, convenience and cost-effectiveness, VideoTile can provide you with manual handling online training with branding for your company.

Why is manual handling online training so important?

A third of workplace injuries are musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs are typically most commonly caused by poor manual handling. Furthermore, manual handling injuries can take place in any industry in any work environment. Manual handling doesn’t necessarily mean moving large or heavy objects. As a result, injuries associated with manual handling could result from a poor posture, repetitive task or an existing injury.

Manual handling training can help to cover the risks involved in workplaces as well as explaining how to prevent injuries. Consequently, this not only protects workforces, but it also can save businesses time and cost in lost working days resulting from injury and sick leave.

What manual handling online training covers

The manual handling online training from VideoTile covers a range of aspects including;

  • How injuries occur and how to avoid them
  • What the risks of manual handling are
  • How to lift safely and develop good handling technique
  • Which systems are appropriate for different environments
  • How mechanical aids can help
  • How to put right any problems in the workplace.

Consequently, with full branding for your business, the manual handling online training is ideal to deliver to your clients. Furthermore, its interactive elements create an engaging and insightful training video. Furthermore, Manual Handling Operations Regulations require employers to train their employees, making your training an essential for any business.

Receive your free trial here, or contact the VideoTile team to find out more.

Health and Safety

When it comes to workplace health and safety, one of the essential aspects is training. At VideoTile, we create captivating interactive e-learning videos across a range of subjects. With health and safety being so essential to businesses, offering health and safety training can be invaluable as a training provider.

Why is health and safety so important?

  1. Hazards

All workplaces have hazards, whether it is machinery, manual handling or chemicals. Whatever the workplace, there is always the potential for an accident or damage. Health and safety helps to warn people about the hazards, whatever type of risk it poses, from physical injury to psychological issues such as stress.

  1. Cost

Failure to comply with health and safety legislation can be a significant cost to businesses. Workplace accidents are, sadly, all too frequent. In 2017-2018 144 UK workers were killed by work. As well as the human cost, companies can be affected by fines, lawsuits and imprisonment.

  1. Social responsibility

Taking care of workers and the environment as well as members of the public is part of the social responsibility of businesses. It shows a commitment to good working practices and a focus that people and safety come first.

How VideoTile can help with health and safety training

VideoTile creates a range of different health and safety e-learning videos. From First Aid to COSHH, manual handling to working in confined spaces. We design all of our courses for you to deliver as your own. We will brand each course to your needs. This gives you access to hundreds of approved and accredited training courses.

As well as the courses already on offer that deliver a fully branded solution, we also offer bespoke course development. This enables you to create the perfect training course for your needs and your clients.

Find out more about our training and request your free trial today. Speak to the VideoTile team by calling 0845 838 2809.