Our aim at VideoTile is to create high-quality, interactive training videos, such as health and safety training. These are training videos that training providers can utilise to offer to their portfolio of clients. All our online courses are approved and accredited. Furthermore, we can fully brand them to deliver as your own content.

Some of our most popular e-learning videos are from our collection of online health & safety training videos, as every business is required to undergo some form of health and safety training or another. As a training provider, it is essential that you can offer your clients a wealth of knowledge on health and safety training, alongside high-quality training videos for their staff to use.

Health and Safety Training: What Is First Aid Training?

As the name suggests, first aid training is the first aid that a person can administer in the event of an incident where someone has been injured or falls ill. First aid covers everything from medical emergencies to paper cuts. As a training provider, it is essential that you can offer your clients a broad knowledge of first aid training to cover all scenarios.

We can brand our emergency first aid courses with all your own details. Furthermore, our courses will provide your clients with the knowledge they need if they should ever face a serious medical situation. We can create bespoke and generic first aid training videos. You can offer these as both annual refresher training courses and first-time emergency first aid.

Health and Safety Training: What is Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Training?

If any of your clients have staff members that are exposed to Substances Hazardous to Health while at work, then you will need to provide them with appropriate COSHH training. Legally speaking, substances hazardous to health are substances that are ‘very toxic, toxic, harmful, corrosive or irritant’. Your clients should be aware of how to safely handle these substances while at work.

Health and Safety Training: What is Display Screen Equipment Training?

One of the most common health & safety training courses we offer to training providers is online Display Screen Equipment Training. We design these e-learning courses for any users that use display screen equipment (DSE) while at work. Consequently, many of your clients have a legal requirement to provide their employees with this training.

Our training courses fulfil all the statutory training obligations to reduce the risk of work-related conditions. What’s more, can be fully branded with your own details for your clients.