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fire marshal training

Fire safety training is an essential aspect of any business. In fact, fire safety training is a significant aspect of fire risk assessments. Importantly, adequate training for staff can saves lives and also reduce the risk of fires. At VideoTile, we understand the importance of fire safety training. This is why we offer a range of e-learning fire safety courses including; fire extinguisher training, fire safety awareness, fire marshal training, fire safety awareness and fire marshal for care homes.

What is fire marshal training?

Fire marshals are an essential team member in any business. They play a vital role in keeping staff, premises and customers safe. The primary duty of a fire marshal is to have an awareness of fire safety and proactively reduce the risk of fire.

In addition, fire marshals are also often responsible for routinely checking the workplace for hazards and issues that could lead to a fire. Some of the responsibilities of a fire marshal include;

  • Checking for safe emergency exits
  • Ensuring fire doors are in working order
  • Maintaining fire extinguishers and reporting any issues
  • Assessing the emergency lighting
  • Conducting routine fire alarm tests.

Most people think that fire marshal training focuses solely on tackling small fires and assisting in fire drills and also emergency escapes. However, the responsibilities are far more in-depth. With this in mind, our training makes sure to cover all of the duties of a fire marshal so that they can conduct all of their duties safely.

Furthermore, by not following fire regulations, the responsible person may go to prison or receive an unlimited fine. Considering this, it is essential, therefore, that business has the right fire safety practices in place. This may include an adequate number of fire marshals which you can work out with this fire marshal requirement calculator.

Keep your clients compliant with fire marshal training

You can help your clients to adhere to fire regulations by offering fully branded e-learning courses. At VideoTile we can fully brand our fire marshal course and also all of our other courses to best suit your needs. Find out more by trying our free trial today.

health and safety

Health and safety is vital for workplaces, especially training. At work, 200 people are killed by accidents every year in the workplace. Furthermore, two million people suffer an illness that is caused by their workplace each year too. Preventing accidents and illness is key for workplaces, and one of the best ways to do this is through regular, tailored training that encompasses all aspects of the workplace that may affect the workforce.

At VideoTile, we want to become your e-learning partner. With our skills and expertise with technical content creation and masses of creative resources, we can create a fully branded and tailored health and safety e-learning solution. Furthermore, our Learning Management System can integrate seamlessly with your website to make it easy for your customers to access.

So, why add health and safety e-learning to your suite of training materials?

Reasons to offer health and safety e-learning

  1. Employee confidence

Health and safety training helps to provide confidence and assurance to workers. With effective training, staff know how to complete their tasks in the safest manner and in a way that is most efficient.  You can enhance the trust of workers by taking all necessary precautions to make their workplace safer.

  1. Workplace culture

First impressions count. When onboarding new staff, they will immediately get a sense of company culture. If induction involves a priority on workplace safety, then this is a testament to a company that cares about their workforce and wants to build a company in good standing.

  1. Reduce workplace accidents

All workplaces want to lower their accident rates. Accidents can cost through lawsuits, time off work and compensation. By making sure everyone receives the appropriate training, companies can cut the costs of accidents and injuries.

Health and safety training with VideoTile

If you want to add health and safety e-learning to your training materials, then speak to the team at VideoTile to find out more about our fully branded solutions. Get in touch by emailing sales@videotile.co.uk.

health and safety

In the modern workplace, good health and safety culture is essential. Businesses need all of their employees to be trained in the basics of health and safety. This ensures a safer, healthier and happier workplace for all. The benefits of health and safety e-learning mean that you can offer a course that is in demand.  As well as this, you can save businesses time and money through an e-learning platform rather than a classroom-based course.

Three benefits of health and safety e-learning

  1. Compliance with HSE

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires employers to provide their employees with appropriate health and safety training. This is so that staff can do their work safely and positively. One of the best ways to offer relevant training is by using video-based e-learning. This provides workers with realistic scenarios that they may face in their workplace.

  1. Audit trail

Health and safety e-learning is a useful way to train staff as you can document the results and users of the training. By equipping businesses with a helpful learning management system (LMS), companies can record the training needs and ensure that every member of staff has received the appropriate training. The LMS can also provide an effective audit trail, should there be an investigation.

  1. Flexibility

Every business needs to chance to be flexible, both in price and time. By offering health and safety e-learning, you give companies the chance to utilise training at a time that is convenient for them. E-learning still showcases your skills as a top training provider. However, it allows workers to learn at a time that is convenient for them, without impacting your tutors and trainers.

Create your health and safety e-learning today

Do you want help to transform your classroom-based health and safety training into an e-learning? At VideoTile, we can ensure e-learning is just as engaging, informative and interesting as your classroom course. Using interactive elements and videos, we can create a training product that gets excellent results for your business and your clients. Get in touch to find out more.