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When did your employees last receive equality, diversity and discrimination training? Google may be looking to arrange some training after the firm recently hit the headlines for sacking one of its software engineers for writing an ‘anti-diversity memo’. The engineer had written a document which criticised Google’s diversity efforts. It attributed the tech industry’s gender imbalance to biological differences between the sexes. The memo subsequently went viral and saw Google’s CEO respond in with a statement. In it, the CEO outlined that Google found it offensive to suggest that a set of colleagues have qualities that make them more or less biologically matched to the company’s work. He said this suggestion was offensive and contrary to the company’s basic values and code of conduct.

This has inevitably sent ripples through the tech industry. But it should also reinforce the importance of equality, diversity and discrimination training to all employers.

Essential training

Equality and diversity in the workplace has become increasingly important in recent years. While it’s nice to think that both these issues can manage themselves in the modern working world, they sometimes require extra support. Problems in the workplace can often occur because of a lack of understanding, rather than any malice or prejudice. And this is why training is so crucial.

Engage your staff with video-based courses

Video-based e-learning provides people with the opportunity to watch ‘real life’ scenarios and to encourage them to look at their own behaviour and how it can affect others. In fact, video training has transformed training and provides employees with a much more engaging and meaningful way to receive their training.

Equality, diversity and discrimination training, delivered through video-based e-learning, provides employers with an opportunity to:

  • Attract and retain the best and most talented employees.
  • Create more positive working relationships.
  • Encourage greater productivity.
  • Improve teamwork and increase performance.
  • Become more attractive to customers.
  • Develop a more creative and innovative approach.
  • Reduce the risk and costs of potential legal action.

The more you do to tackle discrimination in the workplace, the less issues you should need to deal with. And therefore, the less chance you will find yourself and your organisation facing potential legal proceedings.

To enable you to ensure your employees receive the best equality, diversity and discrimination training, VideoTile provide interactive video training courses. Wherever your staff are based, they can access this engaging video-based course to keep your organisation one step ahead.



As International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination we’ve taken this chance to discuss the important of equality and respecting diversity in the workplace. Racial discrimination is against the law. The Equality Act of 2010 made it unlawful to discriminate employees, trainees or job seekers on the basis of race. They define race as encompassing different elements of colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin. Understanding the need for diversity in the workplace is essential for a productive and healthy working environment. On this awareness day it is particularly important to recognise the ways in which your workforce are recognising and responding to equality issues, and consider further training.

21st March: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed each year and is described as ‘a day to renew our commitment to building a world of justice and equality.’ It is organised and recognised by the United Nations. On 21st March 1960, police shot and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in South Africa. The demo had been against apartheid pass laws. The United Nations General Assembly officially proclaimed the day in 1966, asking for the internationally community to significantly further their efforts to eliminate racial discrimination.

Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

To support you in your training and development of staff in equality and diversity, we offer a dedicated Online Equality and Diversity course. Our courses offer high quality yet easy to digest video content. They lead participants through the principles of equality and diversity. It also covers the rights of employees with regard to each term. The course is interactive and provides an e-learning resource for training providers. It offers an effective way of updating their employees on their obligations with regards to equality.

The course helps to ensure training providers have a quality solution for their clients. Furthermore, many workplaces will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the law regarding equality and discrimination.

LGBT Flag for Equality and Diversity

Recognising LGBT History Month

February is the official LGBT History Month in the United Kingdom. While the organisation behind the awareness campaign works tirelessly all year, it is February when they truly set out their agenda and show the UK and the rest of the world the importance of embracing equality and diversity. Every workplace needs to recognise the importance of accepting people from diverse backgrounds, to comply with discrimination law but also because it simply how the world works. No two people are the same and being accepting of those of different backgrounds, sexual orientation and experience is essential for a happy and healthy workforce. It probably seems like a non-issue in many workplaces but if discrimination does rear its ugly head, you need to be prepared.

Online Equality and Diversity

Our Online Equality and Diversity course is an engaging and informative video with many questions and interactive moments. Employees have to pass each section to get onto the next. This gives them time to think about every aspect of equality and diversity.

The course provides a practical way of ensuring all employees are fully versed in the legal requirements regarding diversity and equality. Beyond this it seeks to ensure a more open view of what can be a contentious area.

Our course has received a wide range of approvals including those from ROSPA, Gatehouse Awards and The CPD Certification Service.  The course includes ten easy-to-digest modules for convenience and because it makes the learning process more manageable. Furthermore, it covers all the essential information employees need to know regarding equality and diversity in the workplace. As a result it ensures they meet their responsibilities fully.

Celebrating Diversity with LGBT History Month

LGBT History month may be at an end now. However, this doesn’t change the need for awareness and acceptance of others of all backgrounds. People identifying as LGBT may include colleagues, managers and employees. The more open and aware your workplace is, the better it will be for all.

Get in touch today to discuss our Online Equality and Diversity Course and to explore other solutions for your business.