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Health and Social Care

Every worker in the health and social care field should feel empowered and confident to do their job. Having the knowledge and training to do their job efficiently is vital. At VideoTile, we offer a range of health and social care e-learning so that your clients can develop their teams with a high standard of training.

Three benefits of health and social care e-learning

  1. Quality

Training helps to improve the quality of care. Increasing quality is not only beneficial to patients but makes a pleasant workplace.

  1. Confidence

Care staff need to feel confident in their own abilities, training gives employees the empowerment to handle the job and unexpected situations.

  1. Staff retention

When firms invest in their staff with training, they increase the skills of the team and keep the staff in the business which improves quality and can save money.

What health and social care e-learning courses are available?

There are so many skills required in the care sector. It can seem that each worker needs to wear multiple hats through each shift in order to give the right level of care at all times. Those in the industry need to focus on safeguarding for both adults and children as well as practical training for health and safety and fire risk management.

Care teams will also need specific job knowledge, from safe handling of medicines to nutrition and hydration. As well as this, organisations need to consider personal development. From improving their standard of patient-centred care to developing a career in health and social care, there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

Fortunately, VideoTile offer a range of off-the-shelf health and social care e-learning. Furthermore, all of these courses can be branded for your business. If you cannot find the right course for your clients, then you can get in touch. We will happily offer bespoke course development, to get the exact course for your requirements.

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Bespoke E-Learning Courses

Sadly, there have been many tragic fires in care homes across the UK. When vulnerable occupants are concerned, a fire can be a matter of life and death. It is vital that care homes maintain fire safety for the protection of the residents and the staff. To help make sure that residents and staff understand and reduce the risk of fire, training in basic fire safety for care homes is essential.

The benefits of training in basic fire safety for care homes

  1. Comply with the law

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all workplaces in the UK need to have appropriate fire awareness training. Using specific training for basic fire safety in care homes means tailoring to the particular needs of care homes and their residents. By using online fire safety training, care homes can make sure that every member of staff has the necessary training before commencing work.

  1. Tailored to specific requirements

Training that is specially designed to suit the needs of care home not only makes the training much more interesting, but it also covers areas that staff may not have considered. Basic fire safety for care homes is training that is specifically designed for its audience, making it much more engaging. Aspects that care homes may not consider from generic fire training could include;

  • Training third-party kitchen staff
  • Emptying and checking filters in tumble dryers and removing combustible items from danger sources
  • Being proactive with housekeeping
  • Regularly checking on residents who are smokers
  • Dealing with issues before they become a problem.
  1. Improve other areas of fire safety

Training for basic fire safety for care homes can be the start of a greater focus on fire safety within the care home. Staff may then ask questions about evacuation training, particularly for vulnerable residents. By setting the focus on fire safety with training, employees can become more proactive, reducing the risk. Consequently, they can increase fire safety across the care home.

Offer basic fire safety for care homes with VideoTile

At VideoTile, we have created a fire safety for care home online training course. We can brand the course for your training needs to deliver to your care home clients. If you would like to find out more about the course, or how VideoTile can help your training products, get in touch by emailing sales@videotile.co.uk.