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Health and Social Care

Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 25th February -3rd March is a chance to build awareness and support the eating disorder community. The theme for 2019 is Come as You Are. It hopes to send a message to all people that all stories of body acceptance are valid. With Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 25th February -3rd March, the aim is to start a conversation about relationships with their bodies and food to build eating disorder awareness.

How To Get Involved In Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 25th February -3rd March

  1. Sign the pledge

NEDA who runs Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 25th February -3rd March has created a challenge or pledge for people to sign. The pledge hopes to build a movement of changemakers that accept all bodies. Consequently, this challenge comes after one of the leading risk factors in eating disorders stems from diet culture and weight stigma.

By signing the pledge, individuals are saying they will reject diet culture by accepting their own body while respecting others. You can sign the pledge here.

  1. Increase mental health awareness

Mental health issues can affect anyone from any walk of life. Furthermore, it is vital to raise awareness on what mental health and mental illness mean. At VideoTile, we create mental health awareness online courses. These are training videos that we brand to suit your business needs. As a result, you can then deliver the training to your own clients.

With Mental Health Awareness training, your clients can receive practical advice. The course covers what to look out for and working effectively with people who may have a mental illness.

  1. Start a conversation

NHS trusts, schools and communities are all taking part in Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 25th February -3rd March. To learn more and share stories, you can start a conversation with your colleagues or community in order to end the stigma of body weight and understand the support services available.

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Health and Social Care

Time To Talk Day – 7th February is a day dedicated to having a conversation about mental health. The awareness day is set up by Time to Change, a charity that focuses on ending the discriminations surrounding mental health. In 2019, Time To Talk Day – 7th February will focus on the right ingredients for having a conversation about mental health.

How To Get Involved in Time To Talk Day – 7th February

There are plenty of ways to join in with Time to Talk Day – 7th February. Some of the ways you can take part include;

Workplace Conversation – Time To Change offers free resources to help plan a workplace activity. A coffee morning can be a great way to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Have some of the best bakers in the workplace create some treats, share them out and have a natter.

Schools Conversation – It is important that everyone feels comfortable to talk about mental health if they want to. Schools are an excellent place to start to conversation early, so the ease of talking about it continues as children grow.

Community conversation – Whether it is your neighbours, sports clubs, gym friends or anyone else you may know, community conversations and activities can help to raise the conversation of mental health in your local community. Download your free activity pack here.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Another way to get involved in Time to Talk Day – 7th February is by offering Mental Health Awareness Training. At VideoTile, we have created online training that covers all of the frequently asked questions surrounding mental health. The course also covers the difference between mental health and mental illness. As well as this, it provides practical help, making it great for anyone in the health and care setting.

See the course for yourself with a free trial. Don’t forget, the team at VideoTile will also brand the training course to suit your needs.

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World Mental Health Day - 10th October

Taking place every year, World Mental Health Day – 10th October occurs to raise awareness of mental health issues. This is a global event to highlight mental health issues around the world and to support mental health. The day hopes to make mental health care a reality for everyone worldwide.

In 2018, World Mental Health Day – 10th October will focus on the theme of: ‘young people and mental health in a changing world’. This is because by the age of 14 almost half of all mental health illnesses begin. However, in many cases, these illnesses are undetected and untreated.

Worryingly, for those aged 15 to 29-years-old, suicide is the second leading cause of death. Furthermore, use of alcohol and illicit drugs in harmful quantities is a major issue leading to risky behaviours and is often a cover for underlying mental health issues.

How You Can Help World Mental Health Day – 10th October

The World Health Organisation recommends the more understanding can help with the prevention of mental health issues. They believe prevention comes from a better understanding of the early signs of warning and identifying the symptoms of mental health issues.

As a training provider, one of the ways you can help is by offering a Mental Health Awareness course. VideoTile provides a Mental Health Awareness e-learning course. We can fully brand the course with your theme, colours and logo. This will then enable your clients to have a better understanding of mental health. Furthermore, the course teaches the difference between mental health and mental illness.

The Mental Health Awareness course is ideal for all people who work with people who may be suffering from a condition related to mental health.

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