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Health and Social Care

Every worker in the health and social care field should feel empowered and confident to do their job. Having the knowledge and training to do their job efficiently is vital. At VideoTile, we offer a range of health and social care e-learning so that your clients can develop their teams with a high standard of training.

Three benefits of health and social care e-learning

  1. Quality

Training helps to improve the quality of care. Increasing quality is not only beneficial to patients but makes a pleasant workplace.

  1. Confidence

Care staff need to feel confident in their own abilities, training gives employees the empowerment to handle the job and unexpected situations.

  1. Staff retention

When firms invest in their staff with training, they increase the skills of the team and keep the staff in the business which improves quality and can save money.

What health and social care e-learning courses are available?

There are so many skills required in the care sector. It can seem that each worker needs to wear multiple hats through each shift in order to give the right level of care at all times. Those in the industry need to focus on safeguarding for both adults and children as well as practical training for health and safety and fire risk management.

Care teams will also need specific job knowledge, from safe handling of medicines to nutrition and hydration. As well as this, organisations need to consider personal development. From improving their standard of patient-centred care to developing a career in health and social care, there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

Fortunately, VideoTile offer a range of off-the-shelf health and social care e-learning. Furthermore, all of these courses can be branded for your business. If you cannot find the right course for your clients, then you can get in touch. We will happily offer bespoke course development, to get the exact course for your requirements.

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Health and Social Care

At VideoTile, we expertly create lots of vital health and social care e-learning courses. All of which are ideal for clients in the industry. Our fantastic e-learning courses use the latest techniques including interactive videos. We make the training is fun and engaging so you are proud to put your name to it. By working with VideoTile, you receive branded health and social care courses so that you can deliver them as your own.

What health and social care courses do you offer?

To cover a range of demands in the market, we have developed a variety of courses that are perfect for inductions, routine training and specialist working. Our courses are designed to give a comprehensive overview, detailed explanations and focused tactics for assessing the candidate’s knowledge at the end of each session. Utilising our learning management system which can be added seamlessly to your website, our e-learning courses are an efficient and convenient way to learn.

Some of the courses that we provide include;

Dementia awareness

There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, and the numbers are rising. One person every three minutes receives a dementia diagnosis. With this in mind, spotting the signs and knowing how best to handle the situation is, therefore, critical. Our course helps to explain the symptoms of dementia. Furthermore, it offers the strategies that people can use to deal with the challenging behaviour that may come as a result of dementia.

Person-centred care

Another popular course that VideoTile offer is person-centred care. This course explains the principles of a person-centred approach, particularly for the field of adult social care. Consequently, the course covers essential aspects such as obtaining consent and daily reporting.

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If you want to expand your health and social care training offering, then VideoTile can help. We provide a range of courses that are ready for your business branding. Alternatively, we can create bespoke courses that best suit your needs. Find out more with a FREE trial, simply click here and start a module today.

World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 – 1st to 30th September

The care sector contributes an estimated £40.4bn per annum to the English economy. It is a sector with a huge number of employees, many of whom come from varied backgrounds and are not necessarily trained in health and social care. Investing in adequate training is essential for all companies in this sector. VideoTile is proud to offer approved online care training.

Our interactive video-based care training  is suitable for health and social care professionals and those working in similar care environments. All of our VideoTile courses are exclusively available through our distribution partner network. They ensure businesses have access to approved health and social care e-learning.

We have a wide range of distribution partners who work with health and social care organisations across the country. Our courses allow these organisations to quickly and easily get their staff up to speed and working legally. Below is just a small sample of our range of courses suitable for this sector.

VideoTile Health and Social Care E-Learning Courses

Our range of health and social care training courses includes:

Safeguarding Adults and Children

These courses are aimed at people who work in a position which means they have a duty of care for those in need of support and care. It is also relevant for those who come into contact with said individuals. Our courses are suitable for both paid employees and volunteers. Working in a position where you have a duty of care for adults or children means you need to be adequately trained to manage this position. You also need to feel confident in safeguarding those you support. Adequate training must be in place so that the people supported are adequately cared for.

Infection Control

Understanding and knowing how to act to prevent the spread of infection is key in care environments. Hygiene and personal care are core elements of many job roles. Our Infection Control courses help through defining infection prevention and control. Learners will also find out about both good and bad infection control. The courses also cover legislation relating to infection control. Learners explore the different types of microorganism involved in infection, bacteria tranmission, how the chain of infection works and more.

Dementia Awareness

Around 800,000 people in the UK have dementia. Our courses give a general overview of the symptoms and types of dementia and how it effects the brain. They also provide practical guidance and help on how to support clients living with dementia. In addition to guidance on how to appropriately deal with challenging behaviour.

Online care training is a fast and effective way for businesses to ensure their workforce are ready to succeed in their job roles.