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First Aid Online Training Course

In an emergency situation, it is first aid that saves lives. In fact, it is believed that the lack of first aid skills put over 150,000 lives at risk every single year. By offering a first aid online training course, you can provide your clients, and their employees, the skills they need to save lives. At VideoTile, we have a convenient and lifesaving solution to add to your suite of training; a first aid online training course.

What is a first aid online training course?

In a recent study by St John Ambulance, they found that 59% of people would not feel confident saving a life. Furthermore, 24% of people said they would do nothing if they saw somebody struggling with a life-threatening situation. With an online training course, you can provide your clients with an easy way to learn the techniques that can save lives, at a time convenient to them.

An online training course can offer an interactive solution to fully engage learners while they learn the basic principles of first aid. A first aid online training course will include aspects such as why first aid is important as well how it can be effective and when is the right time to use it.

Why you need to offer a first aid online training course

A first aid course can help people in almost every situation.  Furthermore, a medical emergency can happen anywhere. As well as being an essential skill in the workplace, those with first aid skills may be able to help family members and strangers too. For learners who are parents, basic first aid can help to treat children. With the number of potential dangers a child faces, a first aid course can be a necessity for saving lives.

By offering a first aid training course, you equip learners with skills for life. Consequently, these skills may come in handy at any point in time, not just in the workplace.

Adding first aid to your training suite

If you would like to include a fully branded first aid online course to your suite of training materials, then VideoTile can help. We offer an engaging and interactive online course that may help your learners save lives. To add first aid to your training solutions, email Videotile at sales@videotile.co.uk

First Aid Online Training Course

What is Emergency First Aid?

Well it’s exactly that, the first aid to be offered if an incident occurs.

Not many of us are confronted with scenes of blood and gore in our everyday lives – so usually first aid could be as simple as sticking a plaster on a small cut.

But what if you did find yourself confronted with a more serious situation? This Emergency aid course will highlight some of the most common situations that you might come across and the actions that you can take to help.

In the most serious situations a first aider’s role will be to assess the scene so that accurate information can be passed to Emergency services and then to act appropriately to try and increase the patients odds of survival.


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