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E-Learning Courses

Every company requires some form of training solutions for their employees. They could be looking to enhance their team’s skillset, or simply meet their legal requirements. Whatever the reason, as a training provider, it is vital that you have the courses on offer. Because most employers want the most effective training while also being the least disruptive to the business, e-learning courses are the best solution.

How Can Offering E-Learning Courses Help Your Business?

If you’re wondering why you should invest in e-learning courses, then it’s essential you understand the benefits they can bring. Organisations will be on the lookout for training solutions that are efficient and effective. Because of this, online training courses are growing in popularity. The many benefits of e-learning courses include;

  • Convenient And Flexible

E-learning has no boundaries, and so learners can complete training at a time and place that suits them. These courses can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection, so there is no need for learners to be in the office. As a training provider, you can give this level of flexibility and freedom to all of your clients,

  • Increased Performance

Online training courses can be completed far quicker than in-person training. Because of this, workers are able to get back to their daily tasks and put their new skills to the test. E-learning courses don’t take employees time away from their work and helps to improve overall job performance.

  • Real-Time Feedback

Because e-learning is completed and assessed in real-time, learners can benefit from instant feedback. They can see what they have got right and what areas need more work, and management teams can also see overviews of this information. When you offer your clients online courses, you can help them reduce manual training evaluations.

To find out more about how online training courses can help your business grow, and how to add them to your portfolio, get in touch today.


distribution partner

At VideoTile, we create compelling training that engages learners and meets essential training objectives. Our focus is on bespoke training. We brand and tailor training to the needs of our customers. Our clients are training professionals. VideoTile builds bespoke training programmes and licenses them so that your business can meet the needs of your clients with stunning, high-quality training material. Servicing your needs and your clients, are you ready to become a valued distribution partner?

Benefit from our distribution partner network

With highly-effective and engaging training content, our courses appeal to people in a variety of industries. Using innovative, training techniques such as web presenters, interactive videos and online training. Consequently, we ensure that we have high-quality training that appeals to our valued distributors.

To us, our distribution network are our e-learning partners. We work together to ensure that you get the most out of each training programme. As well as this, we make sure that your business is fully supported so that you can see the value of choosing us.

We provide many benefits to our distribution partners including;

  1. Sales training

We offer the guidance to help you to sell courses and receive the most value from each course you choose to adopt. Looking at the industry trends, we recommend where to best position the product so that your business can benefit.

  1. Branded marketing materials

Not only do you receive high-quality creative courses, but we will also supply marketing and technical resources to support your business and drive your sales.

  1. Support

To help you to achieve the best value, we will help with the set-up of courses and help to provide you with the best way to share the course. We will also support you with our marketing resources and campaigns to use as inspiration for your business.

Want to know more?

If you want to be part of our distribution network and see the rewards it can bring your business, then get in touch with the team at VideoTile by calling 0845 838 2809.

Did you know that e-learning has grown an incredible 900% from 2001? It shows no sign of slowing down either. More and more employers realise the potential of e-learning in the workplace. In fact, future predictions suggest e-learning will continue to grow and improve and dominate the learning industry. Are you looking for e-learning courses for 2018?

As 2018 progresses, we can see the increase in the potential for e-learning. It is likely that businesses will utilise more gamification for memorable learning. Another trend is that there may be an increase in the adoption of augmented reality to create more realistic environments. However, focusing on what businesses need now is affordable and effective e-learning. With this in mind, we have a range of e-learning courses for 2018.

What are the e-learning courses for 2018?

At VideoTile, we specialise in creating state of the art, interactive video e-learning for your brand. We tailor every course to suit your business need and is branded to fit your business. From workplace situations to simply including your brand colours and logos, everything is taken care of so that you have personalised e-learning courses.

We understand that starting an e-learning course from scratch is difficult for the popular courses, so we have built a range of e-learning courses for 2018 which we can brand for you so that you can deliver the course as your own.

Some of the courses we provide include;

First aid – Emergency first aid is a critical skill for any workplace. An accident can happen anywhere. Learning what the best course of action is for a serious situation can help to save lives.

Manual handling – Another course that is useful in every workplace is manual handling. Manual handling if not done correctly, can cause serious injuries and lead to time off work. Train your employees on correct handling techniques with us.

Explore our courses

If you want to find out more about the courses we are offering for 2018, visit our course page to see the range available. If you have something different in mind, then get in touch, and we can create bespoke interactive video e-learning courses for you.