At VideoTile, we create video-based learning for a diverse range of industries. Our high-quality video courses cover many different skills and subjects, from business to healthcare and food. Therefore, whatever business you run, you’ll not only find training to suit your needs but courses your clients can truly benefit from. You can buy e-learning courses that deliver when you partner with VideoTile today. Becoming one of our distribution partners has many benefits.

Benefits of becoming a VideoTile distribution partner

We work with many training organisations and education companies to help them deliver the highest quality training for their clients. We offer an extensive range of video courses and we can also design courses unique and bespoke for your clients using a range of materials. Becoming a VideoTile distribution partner means you can buy e-courses that your customers will be interested in and benefit from.

Many of our distributors have a dedicated page on their website for their clients to buy e-learning courses and this quickly and easily connects them to our hosting platform. However, we have other partners who offer training themselves and use online training to supplement and add value to their service offering.

You may choose to provide online training in conjunction with face to face training. Furthermore, your business could develop a complete training programme for different skills and industries. This could incorporate a variety of face to face training, video-based learning and online materials too.

VideoTile distribution partners are usually existing training organisations or consultancy businesses looking to bring something new to their offering. However, any company that has customers looking for high-quality training can benefit from what we have to offer.

VideoTile on your side

As a VideoTile distribution partner you will benefit from our support at every stage. We take over all the hard work and make sure all courses are readily available when your customers need them. Furthermore, our specialists are on hand to help support you with integrating our training materials inro your business. We also provide all our partners with branded marketing materials and guidance for managing and running their own marketing campaigns.

Buy E-Learning Courses with VideoTile

VideoTile e-learning courses add value to any business. We are here to help you enhance the quality of training you can offer to your clients. Our course range is extensive and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll be able to work on something bespoke for your needs. Contact us today to discuss becoming a distribution partner.