VideoTile makes it easy to sell and distribute your own suite of online courses. We offer unique and purpose-designed suites of courses to suit different clients and customer bases. Our courses provide enhanced online learning for the workplace. Our range of online courses is also extensive and provide a fantastic opportunity to provide additional learning for your employees.

Ensuring your staff are up to date with the latest legal requirements, technology and health and safety can be time-consuming. Therefore, your own suite of online courses ensures you can quickly and easily give your clients instant access to the training they need for their employees.

VideoTile E-Learning

VideoTile creates interactive video-based e-learning courses. We cover a variety of subjects with over 100 titles. Therefore it could not be easier to find a course suitable for your customers. Our courses are easily split into a range of different categories including health and safety, social care, and business skills.

Our full suite of approved and accredited e-Learning courses are easily white labelled. This means you can simply add your branding and distribute them to your customers. Our courses are regularly updated, and you can pick and choose the right options for your customer base. If this changes over time, you can simply pick more of the courses available from our catalogue.

Branding Your Own Suite of Online Courses

VideoTile’s distributor package provides you with your own suite of online courses so you can stand out. You can easily add your branding and this makes it easy to distribute your courses amongst your customers.

We offer a growing range of titles and ensure our mix of content suits a wide range of different customers and businesses. We are specialists in creating the highest quality interactive video content.  Also, partnering with us ensures you have instant access to high quality e-learning materials. We are also happy to help provide support in promoting and advertising the courses if you are not sure where to start.

Branding our courses to your business ensures consistency for your company. It also helps promote and build your business’ image. The more customers you work with, the more recognised your brand will become and you can begin to build a strong reputation for the quality of your e-learning.

Become a VideoTile Distributor Today

Becoming a VideoTile distributor gives you instant access to over 100 titles across different business areas. You can easily brand the content to your business’ style and begin selling the quality content under your label. Similarly, our content is of the highest quality, interactive and regularly updated. We’re always keen to work with new distributors so get in touch today.