In 2018, World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 – 1st to 30th September takes place. The awareness month is a campaign that takes place internationally to combat the stigma and raise awareness about dementia.

World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 – 1st to 30th September is undoubtedly needed. Alzheimer’s Disease International claim that two-thirds of people believe there is little or no understanding of dementia in their country. 2018 brings the seventh World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 – 1st to 30th September. With World Alzheimer’s Day occurring on the 21st September and has done since 1994.

How can people get involved in World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 – 1st to 30th September?

The campaign for 2018 uses hard-hitting facts to show how prevalent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are in the world. Furthermore, did you know that for every three seconds, one person in the world develops dementia?

In addition, the number of people living with dementia is expected to double every 20 years. By 2050, they expect there to be 152 million people living with dementia.

To make World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 – 1st to 30th September a focus for your team or organisation, there are plenty of free campaign materials available including;

  • Social media banners with eight to choose from
  • Eight different posters
  • Bulletins
  • Toolkits.

You can find your campaign materials here.

At VideoTile, we think World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 – 1st to 30th September is the perfect time to implement training. Our Dementia Awareness course helps to give students an overview of the most common types of dementia. Furthermore, the course explains the most common symptoms of dementia. This allows students to have awareness and recognise the signs early so they can ensure the person receives appropriate care.

This course is ideal for anyone who works in the health and social care industry. It can also help those who work or interact with people that may have dementia.

Also, our Dementia Awareness course also covers the main strategies you can use with clients who have dementia. Furthermore, it explains the best practice approach to dealing with challenging behaviour that may be caused by dementia.

To find out more about our Dementia Awareness course, book your free trial today.