Training courses have traditionally been confined to a classroom and physical tutor. Today there are many more convenient and effective options. Because of new technologies and advanced learning methods, online training is more popular than ever. As a training provider, it is vital that you keep up with the latest trends. If you are wondering why you should start selling online courses, then read on for our expert guide.

Four Reasons To Add Online Courses To Your Content

  • Effective And Engaging Content: When you start selling online courses, you will be providing your clients with effective training content. Because interactive tools are used in all our courses, trainees are kept engaged and focused. Our online courses use interactive games, quiz-style questions and a virtual presenter.
  • 100+ Courses Available: Offering online courses means that you can provide your clients with over 100 different course options. Because we have such a large range available, your portfolio can include everything from Asbestos Awareness to Legionella Training.
  • Bespoke Course Development: Because all of our distribution partners have access to bespoke content, you can offer branded training courses for your business. Our creative team can create any specific courses you require.
  • Approved And Accredited Partners: We work with many approved and accredited partners so that our training courses are of the highest standards. We are fully certified to offer training in health and safety, business skills and more.

How To Start Selling Online Courses With VideoTile

Here at VideoTile, our partner network is available to give training providers access to all our content. Whether you want to start selling online courses from our portfolio or need bespoke course development, we can help. Because our team are specialists in creating and distributing effective training, we are your go-to option for engaging video content. For more information on joining our distribution network and our available courses, get in touch today.