When you are responsible for providing training to various businesses, there are some training courses you should always have on offer. Because of health and safety regulations, there is a requirement for many businesses to provide employees with online manual handling training. As a training provider, it is essential that you can supply clients with appropriate manual handling training.

Here at VideoTile, we understand the importance of offering these essential courses so your clients can stay compliant easily.

What Is Online Manual Handling Training?

Manual handling training involves teaching workers how to move heavy items safely. This includes lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling any items of substantial weight. Because of the risks involved with manual handling, it is important that your client’s employees receive appropriate training.

At VideoTile, we offer interactive manual handling courses which you can add to your own portfolio of courses. This course outlines what manual handling is, the regulations around it, and safe handling techniques. Because of the online nature of our courses, trainees can complete them at a time and place that suits them. We use interactive features such as a video presenter and quizzes to engage the learner throughout.

Why Is Online Manual Handling Important?

Manual handling is an essential course to be able to offer your clients. This is because many of them will have a legal requirement to provide it to employees. Not only is it a legal requirement, but it is in the business’ best interest to provide this training to their employees.

Manual handling training will minimise the risk of injury in the workplace and result in fewer absences. According to Health and Safety Executive 20% of all workplace injuries in 2018/19 were caused by handling, lifting or carrying.

To discuss your requirements and find out more about VideoTile’s manual handling training options, including our bespoke and branding options, contact us today.