Gamification and interaction

Most of our training is delivered using interactive videos and animations, but we also use the main principles of gaming to create an engaging learning environment.

VideoTile courses have trained in excess of 600,000 learners and our distribution partners have seen much higher learner motivation, engagement and retention levels. A longer-term implementation of gamification techniques can also influence behavioural changes, such as people becoming more safety conscious.

The interaction used in our gamification-based courses helps candidates apply the learning to their job by providing them with scenarios, similar to those they will handle in real life. Learners can practice and hone their skills in a safe, controlled environment.


A variety of online questions

The question sections of our courses use a variety of techniques.

For example, in the Fire Safety courses, candidates are presented with certain types of fire and have to select the image of the appropriate extinguisher.

We also make use of various exam canvasses to suit all exam types and random question banks. We can feature a wide variety of online questions, including, multiple-choice, drag and drop, surveys, quizzes, answers in free-text exams and assignments.

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