VideoTile’s Learning Management System (LMS), has been developed to be delivered under your own brand. Our LMS has been refined over the last 10 years. It has two interfaces, a dashboard for the distributor and another for the customer.

The distributor dashboard allows you to manage your customers’ accounts.

The customer dashboard is where the candidates go to do the training. Your customer can use the dashboard to manage any number of candidates. It’s mobile-responsive and can deliver extensive reports. If needed, it will work side-by-side with an existing LMS, via our open API.

Features of the Learning Management System

The system includes all the features you would expect from an LMS – and much more.

The home page of VideoTile’s Learning Management system includes a reference guide for queries. There is also an area highlighting any new features that have been recently added. In addition, you have access to reports on courses sold, broken down into sales reports by customer. You can see even see who has passed, failed and re-sat exams. Deeper information includes available courses, licence sales, and courses assigned to candidates, broken down into monthly sections.

As well as the homepage you will find all your marketing and course resources. Here you can administer customer credit accounts, create discount codes and offer unlimited access to monthly subscribers

Candidates’ Area

The Candidates’ Area of VideoTile’s Learning Management System lists all the different candidate accounts. You can use this area to add or delete users. You can also use the Candidates’ Area to assign course licences to individual candidates by adding basic personal details and the course.

The candidate-facing areas are constructed so that a set of multiple-choice questions are introduced after each module. Following successful completion of a course, candidates will receive a system-generated certificate.

Additional Information

This Resources section of VideoTile’s Learning Management System contains useful instructions and downloadable content. This includes PDF user manuals, sample certificates, course overview documents and approval information.

A functional Business Area, ability to manage Credit Accounts and control Subscription Accounts is also available. More details on the additional features can be found here.

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