VideoTile is a film production company creating highly engaging e-learning which is branded for businesses in the UK. The VideoTile customer case study below highlights our capabilities and how we can work with you.

We are an industry-leading e-learning and online video production company.  We create interactive, video-based e-learning courses. You can license a course from our extensive range.  However, we can construct a completely bespoke course from your existing content.

VideoTile Customer Case Study

Westminster Compliance LLP is a Hertfordshire-based consultancy dealing with all aspects of Health and Safety and Fire Safety.  It offers systems to help organisations manage their compliance with legislation.
Its systems include basic and industry-specific, face-to-face training.

However, there are times when certain staff can’t make face-to-face sessions because they’re working away. That’s when VideoTile courses are used because they can be worked through remotely.

They are also used when just a few people need training so the cost of face-to-face sessions can’t be justified.  Sometimes they are used because, without the training, the client can’t work on a particular site or can’t get some specific accreditation.

Senior Parnter at Westminster Compliance, Nick Lack, has been very complimentary of the service, production and capabilities of VideoTile.

‘We’ve been using VideoTile for three years.  Their courses are professionally produced, up-to-date and economically viable and increasingly, our clients approach us to buy access to stand-alone online courses.’

‘I think VideoTile also makes Westminster Compliance look more professional, and we don’t have to signpost clients to other companies to get things done.’

‘With VideoTile online courses we can offer the widest possible range of Health and Safety training with so many different options for clients. I think it’s been very good for us.’

‘Our existing clients like the VideoTile courses and we always feature them when presenting to new clients.’
‘Working with the VideoTile guys is really great. They know their stuff, are very friendly and always there when you need them.’

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