As a training provider, it is essential that you can offer your clients the most up to date and effective training solutions. This is so you can stay ahead of the competition. These days, face to face training courses are becoming increasingly uncommon. Instead, more and more training providers are choosing to turn their attention to video eLearning and online training systems.

Here at VideoTile, we specialise in creating interactive video-based eLearning courses specifically designed for training professionals. We make it easy for you to stay relevant and up to date in the ever changing training industry, through a diverse portfolio of video eLearning courses and bespoke solutions.


What is Video eLearning?

Our specialist online video production methods result is high-quality videos that are seamless to watch online and fast to download. We use a combination of a presenter, animations and quiz-style questions to keep learners engaged and stimulated during their training.

We create all our content in house. Furthermore, we have a learning management system that we construct in such a way that it introduces a specific set of questions to the learner at the end of every online module. At the end of a course, the candidates that have passed it will automatically receive a system generated certificate. Consequently, this makes it really easy for training managers to keep track of employee progress through our video training software.


Why choose Video eLearning?

Video eLearning often results in better communication and engagement through the power of face-to-face eye contact from the presenter. Consequently, this builds trust and triggers emotion while effectively communicating the learning content. Furthermore, live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of a presenter are combined to create an effective learning environment.


By choosing VideoTile, you are choosing a completely unique medium to deliver training online. This is done by embedding the live personality of the presenter directly onto a website page. Our eLearning grabs the learner’s attention, and we keep up their interest and engagement throughout, to deliver a lasting positive impression. We offer a full range of video eLearning courses that we brand and license to your business. Alternatively, we can create a completely bespoke package to meet your every need.

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