The gamification of corporate online training has led to many more businesses enjoying a personalised, motivating and highly effective training setup for their employees, old and new.

Games can make online training more effective, add to the experience and even effect how an employee feels about their employer.

Games have a serious edge linked to training but this doesn’t detract from the sense of fun they also bring to the experience. Here is a closer look at how to effectively integrate games into an online training strategy.

Goal-Centric Design

The most effective games in online training are usually short and entirely goal-centric. This stops the risk of overloading the users and keeps them focused on their learning experience.

Too much information stuffed in too quickly is both overwhelming and can be boring.  Corporate learners using the online training game are looking to develop specific skills or gain specific knowledge, which is where the focus of the game design should be.

All About Knowledge

It is easy to get carried away with the ‘fun’ element of online training games but it is the informational element which has to be at the heart of it all.

The primary goal of gaming in online training is provide users with the ability to apply their new knowledge and skills to their jobs. Games should incorporate both things they should know and things they need to learn, making it easier to commit the information as a whole to the long-term memory for regular use in their work.

Create Competition

There is no drive to complete or participate in a game, even for training purposes, without a sense of competition. Leader boards within a company can help drive lower performers to up their game and you can use this sense of competition to incorporate new learning methods, new skills and knowledge. As users become competitive they may play more often and further enforce their skills.

Analyse and Reflect

Gaming in online training is another opportunity to collect data and gather feedback you can use going forward. It’s a chance to assess each user too and allows you to work out how to move forward. If a high number of users are improving because of the training games, they can be considered a success but if you see lack of improvement or failure, it may be worth looking more closely as your online training strategy.
The gamification of online training makes the use of video and interactive video even more essential to create strategies which motivate and educate learners.

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