Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October

October 2018 brings Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October. The idea behind the awareness day Is to help motivate people into improving their handwashing habits. This year’s event focuses on food. Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October has the theme of ‘A recipe for health’. The awareness this year is for focusing on the links between good hand washing and food hygiene habits. The day hopes to make hand washing a part of every meal time.

How To Get Involved In Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October

  1. Wash your hands before meals

One of the key takeaways from this year’s Hand Washing awareness day is that it encourages people to wash their hands with soap. This should take place before eating as well as cooking or preparing a meal for others.

  1. Remind others to do the same

The awareness day wants to help keep food safe, prevent diseases and keep children safe and strong. One of the best ways to do this is to showcase good handwashing behaviour and remind others to do the same.

  1. Establish more handwashing facilities

Avoid queues at workplaces and remind others to wash their hands by tactfully placing hand washing facilities in convenient places. If a health facility, school or workplace is lacking in hand washing facilities the Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October is a great time to instigate change.

  1. Promote the day

You can download the infographic for the awareness day so that more people can take part in the event and spread the word on clean and hygienic hands.

  1. Offer training

VideoTile provides trainers with high-quality e-learning for infection control. This can help to demonstrate the importance of hand washing for your clients. Our Infection Control course can be fully branded with your company logo and colours so that you can deliver the training as your own.

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Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October

On 5th May 2018, the World Health Organisation is leading a campaign. This is to raise awareness in the importance of cleaning your hands. The Save Lives, Clean Your Hands campaign focuses on hand hygiene to help reduce the risk of sepsis and other infections. As 5th May 2018 is world hand hygiene day, it is the perfect time to highlight the risk of sepsis. Furthermore, the day shows how effective hand hygiene can help to prevent the spread of infections.

A key focus of Save Lives, Clean Your Hands

Sepsis affects 30 million people worldwide, every year. With this in mind, this year’s world hand hygiene day brings great awareness to the infection. Hand hygiene plays a significant role in reducing the risk of sepsis. This is why everyone in the health industry should adopt the approach of Save Lives, Clean Your Hands to help prevent sepsis.

The World Health Organisation has set vital calls to action for the Save Lives, Clean Your Hands campaign. One is a call to healthcare leaders to champion hand hygiene and make sure it is a priority. Another focus is that five moments of hand cleaning which can help to prevent sepsis in the healthcare sector.

Infection Control training

Worryingly, over 300,000 people develop a healthcare-associated infection every year. This can appear from many factors including cross-contamination and hand washing. Practising proper infection prevention is essential in the healthcare industry. At VideoTile, we offer training providers a fully branded Infection Control online course.

Infection Control training is a critical aspect of the healthcare industry as it details the applicable legislation. Furthermore, the course also covers various microorganisms and the chain of infection. Training also offers the best practice approach in regards to hand hygiene and, therefore, reducing the risk of infection.

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Infection prevention and control measures aim to ensure the protection of those who might be vulnerable to acquiring an infection. This protection is vital as each year at least 300,000 people develop a Health Care Associated Infection.

This has a huge impact on the patient, the staff and the institution it occurs in. If there is good infection prevention and control, patients will have better health and more independence.

This course starts by defining infection prevention and control and explaining the impact of good and bad infection control. It then goes into detail about, the legislation that applies to infection control, the different types of microorganisms, how bacteria are transmitted, the chain of infection, and much more.

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