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E-Learning Courses For Business

Companies of all shapes and sizes want the very best training solutions for their employees. E-learning courses for business offer a vast range of benefits to both employees and companies. As a training provider, understanding the benefits of different learning types can help you provide better service to clients. Because businesses are always looking for the easiest yet most effective training, e-learning courses are a popular choice.

Why Offer E-Learning Courses For Business?

Businesses today are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies and advance their staff. It’s because of this that many are turning to e-learning courses for business. You can offer your customers the following benefits when you incorporate e-learning into your portfolio;


Productivity And Performance

According to a study by IBM, every dollar that is invested in e-learning results in $30 of productivity. This is because employees can spend less time completing training and apply their new skills immediately. Traditional training was often considered time-consuming and so took time away from the important tasks.


Flexible And Convenient

One of the most significant advantages of e-learning is that it has no boundaries. Employees can complete online training from anywhere and at any time. Because all you need for an e-learning course is an internet connection and device, training can be done on the train, at work or home.


Instant Feedback

Because of the real-time nature of e-learning, employees can receive instant feedback. Managers will also benefit from up-to-date overviews of how a course or employee is performing. There is no need for manual evaluations of training results, and online quizzes can be used within e-learning.


How To Offer E-Learning Courses For Business?

Adding e-learning to your portfolio of training options couldn’t be easier. At VideoTile, we offer a huge range of online training and bespoke courses. We can brand all of these to your business so that you have complete control. To find out more about how VideoTile can benefit your customers, get in touch today.

Bespoke Video Training Courses

E-learning is an excellent way to upskill your employees. It allows your staff to gain skills in a time frame that suits them. There is no need to close down operations for extensive periods of time to train staff. Your client’s employees can all work through the materials at the times and pace that suits them.


E-learning courses are ideal for business. The rapidly changing landscape of the business world means that there are always new skills that your business needs to offer to meet the demands of your clients. E-learning courses for business are flexible and varied. This means you can target the right courses to the right clients. Whether you need to train a PR team on social media use or business managers on conflict resolution, e-learning courses are a great way to improve the skills of your clients.


How VideoTile Can Help


VideoTile provides a whole suite of e-learning courses for business. The resources are provided with your company’s branding. This allows you to integrate the training resources with your own website and materials. You also have access to our learning management system. Each training course goes at the pace set by the learner. As they are designed by expert tutors, the courses are engaging and easy to follow.


VideoTile has a wide range of courses ready to go. If you have specialist needs, we can work with you to produce bespoke materials. After engaging with our courses, your clients and their staff will gain new skills. They will be able to work more effectively and efficiently. Consequently, it is important for your clients to invest in the training of their staff as an effective way to improve the business.

Are you looking for e-learning courses for business?

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