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School Diversity Week 2nd – 9th July

School Diversity Week 2nd – 9th July, is a chance for schools in the UK to celebrate equality in regards to LGBT+ in education. It was initially set up by the charity, Just Like Us., Just Like Us create a free toolkit to promote equality and challenge prejudice. This helps to support the awareness week. Furthermore, helps schools celebrate LGBT+ in their education.

Just Like Us have made it easy to celebrate School Diversity Week 2nd – 9th July. They have their simple four-step plan. Firstly, it invites schools, teachers or students to register for a free resource pack. Then pick a day for your event or celebrations. While it is ideal to host the event within School Diversity Week 2nd – 9th July, any day in the school year can work.

Once the school receives its resource pack, it can decide what event is right for their school and how to champion LGBT+ equality. Furthermore, Just Like Us will also send 100 free Rainbow Ribbons. These enable children and students to show their support. It also empowers them to be proud of a school which celebrates equality.

The event can be incredibly successful and rewarding for teachers, staff and students alike. In 2017, School Diversity Week was celebrated by 250,000 students. Celebration events range from pride festivals to cake sales. They also include balloon launches, concerts, debates and workshops.

How to prepare for School Diversity Week 2nd – 9th July

When celebrating equality and diversity and tackling discrimination, it is vital that teachers and staff are fully equipped to answer all of the surrounding questions from inquisitive young minds. It is essential for teachers and staff to talk openly and confidently about equality, diversity and discrimination. It is essential to know what the difference between each term is.

VideoTile has created a user-friendly and comprehensive Equality, Diversity and Discrimination online course. This will help your clients and school customers feel fully briefed for School Diversity Week 2nd – 9th July. We will fully brand the course to suit your business requirements. We also make it easy for your clients to access the training.

Request your free demo of the course today and do your bit to support School Diversity Week 2nd – 9th July.

June Is Pride Month

Throughout the whole of June, people across the world celebrate the LGBT community. Known as Pride Month, many different events take place across the globe to celebrate the impact and influence that LGBT people have made and continue to make. June is pride month, encompassing Gay Pride and LGBT and celebrates all sexual diversity and promotes their equal rights and raises awareness about issues the community faces.

Why June is Pride Month 2018?

June is pride month because it commemorates the Stonewall Riots that took place in 1969. In 1969 a raid took place at the Stonewall Inn in New York, which was a place visited by the LGBT community. As a result, the LGBT community held a number of riots to establish places that the LGBT community could go and be open about their sexuality without fear of arrest. Since the riots, many gay rights organisations are active to help bring equality for the LGBT community.

To being with, the awareness took place as an LGBT Pride march, However, since then the event has expanded to incorporate the whole of June to bring as much awareness and highlight as many issues as possible to remove the stigma and bring true equality.

June is Pride Month: How you can help

More and more organisations are looking at ways that they can put an end to discrimination and highlight equality. One of the best ways to raise awareness during Pride Month is through training. At VideoTile, we offer an Equality, Diversity and Discrimination course that can help to highlight issues and increase understanding. Organisations have a duty to protect equality and diversity. Help your clients by providing Equality, Diversity and Discrimination training with VideoTile’s online course.

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If you would like to offer Equality, Diversity and Discrimination training to your client, contact VideoTile at sales@videotile.co.uk. We can provide a free trial of our course and then fully brand the training to suit your business requirements.