When you are providing training solutions for a number of companies, then it is likely you will have come across working at height training. Many businesses will be required to provide this training to employees. So, if you don’t already offer it, it could be worth adding to your training portfolio. Before deciding if online working at height is going to be a relevant course for your clients, you should fully understand what it means.


What Is Working At Height Training?

Working at height refers to anyone working in a place where they could be injured by falling from it. Because this can also include locations below ground level, there are no exact height restrictions in place. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were created to protect employees from injury or death by falling. They focus on the possible risk to workers and mean that employers are responsible should an accident occur.


These regulations require employers to ensure workers have appropriate equipment, workwear and training to work at height. Because of this, there is a high demand for online working at height training. These interactive courses cover everything an employee needs to know about working safely at heights. This includes how to use equipment appropriately and how to avoid accidents.


Why Offer Online Working at Height Training?

Because many businesses, particularly in the construction industry, must provide this training, it is in high demand. Offering training for working at height has a vast number of upsides for both your business and your clients. These training courses not only ensure legal compliance but also save lives and prevent injury.


At VideoTile, we offer online working at height training courses for all industries and businesses. All our courses can be seamlessly added to your portfolio because we offer full branding and licensing. To discover our training courses and find out how they can help your business, get in touch today.