Legionella poses a huge number of risks and dangers to employers and employees. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 provides legislation. This states that all companies and building owners are legally obliged to appropriately manage Legionella. Online Legionella Training is used to help businesses and individuals comply with these laws and understand the risks associated with Legionella.

As a training provider, it is important that you are able to offer your clients Legionella training, whether they are building owners or businesses.

What Is Online Legionella Training?

One of our most popular courses is Legionella Management. This is a 75 minutes online Legionella training course that has six different modules. These modules cover a range of topics, including;

  • What Legionella is
  • The risk areas
  • Legislation around Legionella
  • Water system monitoring.

Learners will understand all the dangers that Legionella pose and how they can be managed and avoided in any building. Employees and employers can learn how to successfully identify and assess various courses of Legionella and then how to create and implement an appropriate control programme.

We keep learners engaged and interested throughout the online Legionella training course. This is through the use of an interactive style presenter and quiz style questions. Each of the six modules will end with a set of questions. This is to ensure they have properly understood the information they receive. Learners must score more than 70% in order to progress to the next module. Consequently, employers can be sure that their staff have properly understood the course.

We can brand and licence all of our training courses, including online Legionella training. This means you can offer a seamless experience to your clients. To find out more about our online Legionella training options, or any other the other course VideoTile can create,  get in touch with our team today.