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  • Engaging Interactive Video Content
  • Customised with Your Branding
  • Approved and Accredited

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Work with us to licence and sell courses from our range of generic titles, purchase courses from our distributor network or to design and build your bespoke video based online training package. The underlying factor in our video e learning model is the stimulus effect of the video content when combined with the physical video presence of the tutor that effectively provides one on one tutoring of the subject matter. Contact us for more information about our Online Training services, for a free evaluation as to how our solutions will work for your business or to arrange a meeting at our office.


  • Engaging Interactive Video Content
  • Customised with Your Branding
  • Approved and Accredited
  • Marketing and Technical Support
  • Interactive Games
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Certificate Generation


At VideoTile Learning we create interactive video based e learning courses in a variety of subjects including Health and Safety, Social Care, and Business Skills.

Our extensive range of Approved and Accredited online courses are exclusively available via our Distribution Partner Network making us the perfect online training partner in a wide range of sectors.

Partners receive a fully branded solution for seamless integration into their existing website and business process.

As your e learning partner, our technical, creative and marketing resources are at your disposal. All distribution partners receive a pack of branded marketing materials, training on how to sell and get value from our courses together with support from VideoTiles own ‘Above the Line’ marketing campaigns.

We work with you to integrate online training into your business, helping you add value and make the courses available to your customers.

Our partners are becoming increasingly creative with the ways they use and get value from our online courses.

In addition to selling the courses as a commodity to generate profit and turnover, there are many other ways our partners use our courses to be more competitive in the market place.

These include, using the courses in conjunction with classroom training, as refresher training, as modules in apprenticeships and in packages or bundles with other products and services they offer.

And don’t forget, all the new companies you connect with using our online training will want to know what else your organisation can offer. So, it’s a great marketing tool too!

Our partners come from a variety of different sectors including…

  • Training Organisations
  • Health and Safety Consultants
  • Providers of Apprenticeships
  • HR Companies
  • Insurance Services
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Recruitment
  • Safety Equipment and Alarm Specialists

So, if you’re looking to offer online training to your customers, contact us today, we’d love to hear from you.


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