VideoTile Learning’s new NVQ ePortfolio learning system has arrived! Provided by our team of experts, this is the only NVQ ePortfolio system with built-in video-based online training.

The training covers the mandatory NVQ modules and is mapped to the learning criteria. The result is a portfolio of evidence that can be presented to support a learner’s course. The format of the course is perfect for training centres and colleges.  It is also provided in line with NVQ standards.

UCAS provides an overview of NVQ courses which can be read alongside our NVQ page.  It is important you ensure this is the right NVQ ePortfolio system for your needs.

The VideoTile NVQ ePortfolio learning system makes the delivery of NVQ more flexible and convenient.  However, it still provides the ability to stay in contact with learners via the Tutor Feedback Functionality. This is even more important because of the current restrictions on classroom training and the other problems that training centres often come across when delivering the knowledge parts of these units.

Construction NVQ ePortfolio Learning

The Construction NVQ covers the following mandatory Level 2 NVQ modules

A/503/1170 Conforming to general health, safety and welfare in the workplace
J/503/1169 Conforming to productive working practices in the workplace
F/503/1171 Moving, handling and storing resources in the workplace

The NVQ ePortfolio learning system will test learners as they go through each learning objective of the units. The final module allows them to type answers.  This proves they have learned and understood the content relating to each learning objective. The content can then be downloaded and used as part of the candidate’s work portfolio.

These courses also come packaged with new tools for centres to assign NVQ assessors to candidates completing these units who can mark and provide feedback on the content.

The VideoTile NVQ ePortfolio Learning system is an ideal solution for colleges and training centres, regardless of location and restrictions. For more information, simply call our expert team on 0845 838 2809 or send an email and we’ll be in touch shortly.