Inside Look into Video Part I: How Video Training Benefits your Business

Many employers find it hard to motivate staff to further their professional development or even complete necessary in-house courses. Forward thinking companies and management teams have recognised their online training and e-learning strategy needs to incorporate interactive elements and high on this list is video.


We’re going to go through many factors behind online video and exactly how and why it is something companies should be considering for their employees’ training and development. In this first part, we’re looking at the main benefits of opting for video as an aspect of your e-learning offering for your employees.

Cost Effective

Corporate training events, weekends away and hiring professionals in gets very expensive. Investing in a video platform or your own unique company-focused video e-learning course or courses minimises the time needed for planning, organisation and costs which come with in-person training. Corporate video and online video training can be used for a wide range of types of training from product focused courses to onboarding. Online video training is also easily accessible and allows your employees the ease of accessing their courses on-the-go, at home or even via their mobile phone in some cases.

Learner Inclusive

Traditional workplace training seminars and workshops can be uncomfortable and they can require a whole book’s worth of notes completed to collect every bit of information needed. This isn’t a learning style which suits everyone. Video is primarily visual and definitely appeals to visual learners but it also incorporates a wide range of learning styles, including aural, read/write and kinaesthetic learners. Video learners can pace themselves, pause and restart if needed, and ensure they fully absorb their course.

Boosts Engagement

US statistics from market research company Nielsen found that 44% of all web video is viewed in the workplace, so you have a target audience. Your employees are already viewing video so why not focus them on your relevant, engaging and development content instead. When employees can access training videos they can choose to view them in their own time at their own pace and this adds a sense of flexibility which is much-wanted by many employees who don’t enjoy the rigidity of pre-scheduled training courses and the formal nature of in-office training.


Online video is a hugely engaging and effective way of teaching new skills and imparting knowledge to employees. Learners can maximise their own skills and enjoy the learning process too.