When you become a VideoTile Distribution Partner you can benefit from access to our LMS. Our intelligent learning management system or LMS makes it easy and stress-free for you and your customers to access high-quality training materials. Let’s explore how the VideoTile LMS works for our partners and how benefits both you and your candidates.

Onboarding with VideoTile

Our LMS features intelligent and in-built features to make onboarding easy and effective. Our onboarding features allow your customers to set automated email reminders ensuring learners are prompted to sign up, start, complete and renew any training they need to for their work. We also offer a smart automated reminder system can support workplace compliance and send reminders at times and dates you require.

Supporting large organisations

Our VideoTile LMS can scale with your business and support the largest companies. Business customers receive an easy-to-use system which makes it easy to assign multiple courses to candidates. Workplace training is easily automated with features such as bulk uploads and enrolments.

Accurate reporting

The VideoTile LMS featuring a built-in reporting function. It allows you to access candidate details and the status of all courses assigned to each candidate. Your customers can easily spot any problem areas or learners not working on their training courses and pinpoint any issues with employee progress so they can act quickly.

Compliant data management

Our smart LMS means documenting and demonstrating compliance is every easy. Everything that is sent out, even automated, is also stored and can be accessed where necessary. It means there is a record to prove your customers are actively ensuring their learners are carrying out all required mandatory training. The system stores all materials in line with GDPR and nothing is in storage longer than strictly necessary.

Candidate experience

All of your training customers want to ensure their learners benefit from a positive learning experience. Our candidate interface is easy and simple to use, allowing each candidate to access only the courses assigned to them. They can also track their progress and understand how far along in their training they are.

Try out the VideoTile LMS today

Our smart learning management system has been developed with care and attention over ten years. We regularly update and refine its features to ensure it delivers the best possible experience for all our training industry clients and their customers too.

If you want to find out more about becoming a distributor, contact us today.