For all training companies, it is important to diversify your offering to meet the needs of all of your customers. While many people and organisations still enjoy the personalised nature of face to face courses, some aspects of training need to be convenient and easy for organisations to deploy. As a training provider, you can meet these needs and have your own online courses to sell to your clients.

How To Have Your Own Online Courses

While you may have a team of highly experienced and qualified trainers, you may not have the development skills to create your own online courses. This is where VideoTile come in. We are training specialists who work exclusively with training providers. We don’t sell our training directly to customers. Instead, we create online training courses for providers to deliver to customers as their own.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Courses From VideoTile?

Depending on your business objectives and customer base, we have the perfect online training solution for you. Firstly, your training business can choose between our off-the-shelf courses that cover a range of subjects and tackle the most pressing training needs, or we offer bespoke courses. Regardless of the option you select, our team will personalise and brand the course to suit your business.

Our bespoke course development can be an excellent way to bring your distinctive training to life in a brand-new format. This helps to diversify what you offer and means you can deliver the same high standards of training across a range of platforms.

Another benefit of working with VideoTile is the fact that we will host the online training courses on our LMS platform. Your customers just need to click through the links on your website to access the course and begin learning. It couldn’t be simpler for your business to run!

Have Your Own Online Courses Today

Whether you want to increase your offering, keep up with demand or host your training in a brand-new way, VideoTile can help. Get in touch at to find out more.