Without a doubt, videos are one of the most popular media formats available. 78% of people watch online videos every week. Furthermore, users view over 500 million hours of video on YouTube a day. With this in mind, e-learning videos for training are an excellent choice. At VideoTile, we can help you to meet the video demand by creating e-learning videos for your training needs.

Why choose e-learning videos for training?

Videos are an effective method of training because of the way the human brain works. For users, videos have all the stimulants the brain needs to really engage with what it sees on the video. For example, videos use movement which can grab attention. Voices and characters become a real conversation, which the brain can better engage with.

With a video, training becomes immersive. This helps to increase training engagement, allows people to retain more information and connect with the story that you tell.

How you can use e-learning videos for training

There are many ways that you can introduce videos into your training courses. At VideoTile we provide bespoke training development. However, you want to incorporate videos into your training; we can make it happen. Just some of the ways our clients like to include e-learning videos into their training include;

  1. Interviews

An interview between two characters can help to reaffirm the training objectives and summarise the training. It allows learners to engage in the conversation as it feels more informal, with personal anecdotes.

  1. Demonstrations

A step by step guide is unlikely to be as useful as a visual demonstration in explaining what to do. Demonstrations help to show best practice as well and making it easy to see and understand the process.

  1. Animation

For subject matter that may be dry but is essential to learn, animation can help to bring colour and life to the topic. Animation can help you to explore concepts in a new way that helps to increase engagement levels.

Looking to increase engagement with e-learning videos?

VideoTile offer a range of e-learning videos as well as providing bespoke course development so you can create unique training videos to suit your needs. If you’d like to find out more about using videos in training, speak to our experts at sales@VideoTile.co.uk.