For students of all ages, and learners in any industry, e-learning provides many benefits. For speed, efficiency, practicality and cost, it is easy to see why e-learning could be useful for your business. Implementing an online training programme and digital learning management system may seem like a costly and time-expensive process, but it could certainly save in the long run and make training for the future easier.

To discover more benefits of online learning and how it can help your business, read on for the advantages of e-learning.

Three benefits of e-learning

  1. Cost-effective

The cost of classroom or face to face training combined with travel costs and expenses can be prohibitive for businesses. Training outside of the workplace or home is time-consuming and means that your business loses valuable productive time. With e-learning, employees can learn at their convenience. What’s more, digital learning ensures there are no travel expenses or cost of a trainer to pay.

  1. Flexibility

Many learners miss out on training due to a work or home emergency. With e-learning, the course is ready and waiting for the learner to take at their convenience. Online training can be paused and resumed whenever needed. Furthermore, you can train individual over a period of time and do not have to work out the logistics of gathering the whole workforce together.

  1. High retention rate

E-learning is engaging. Online learning can be particularly compelling if it utilises interactive user-driven elements. With this, learners can enjoy a higher knowledge retention rate. Consequently, with a higher retention rate, your business can enjoy the benefits of training which will reinforce an improved workplace culture.  Furthermore, online training also makes refresher course more accessible and cheaper too.

Craft compelling e-learning with VideoTile

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