With more and more people turning to online training for learning, there has never been a better time for businesses to select e-learning courses to sell online. Even if training isn’t your main earning stream, selling e-learning courses online is a fantastic way to diversify your income. It can also increase your product offering to satisfy your customers. Furthermore, if you become a distribution partner with VideoTile, we’ll make sure the process is seamless for you.

How To Choose E-Learning Courses To Sell Online

  1. Select the most appropriate courses

Depending on what your business offers, there is a range of different training courses that could suit your customers and audience. For example, businesses in the food industry may want to provide food safety courses to their customers. While B2B customers may offer courses such as manual handling. There are many creative ways that your business can use training courses to maximise value to your customers.

  1. Brand your courses

Once you know the e-learning courses to sell online, then the team at VideoTile will get in touch to create a fully branded solution. The team will ensure your branding colours, style and existing website will seamlessly integrate into the training. This will ensure that it looks succinct.

  1. Utilise VideoTile resources

The VideoTile team offer technical, marketing and creative resources to ensure it is easy for your business to sell e-learning courses online. As well as making the online training interactive with gamification to increase its appeal we also provide technical support such as an online payment facility.

Furthermore, VideoTile have an extensive range of courses that are accredited and approved. After learners complete the course, VideoTile will provide certificate generation too.

With a range of benefits and ease of integration and on-hand technical support at all times, there has never been a better time to diversify your customer offering and improve your profitability. Find out more by getting in touch.