From the 11th until the 18th of June, Diabetes Awareness Week 2018 – 11th – 18th June takes place. The event allows charities and supporters to come together to share their stories. As many people know, it can be hard to talk about diabetes or explain how it affects you. Consequently,  Diabetes Awareness Week 2018 – 11 – 18th June helps to remove the stigma and make conversations less awkward.

How to get involved in Diabetes Awareness Week 2018 – 11th – 18th June

  1. Social media

As Diabetes Awareness Week 2018 – 11th – 18th June is all about the discussion surrounding diabetes, there is an encouragement to join the conversation on social media. Charities such as Diabetes UK are hoping people will use social media to start chats and promote diabetes-related issues on social media. If you want to take part in the discussion about diabetes, you can look for, and include, hashtags such as #diabetesweek and #talkaboutdiabetes.

  1. Fundraise

Many diabetes-related charities are hoping that Diabetes Awareness Week 2018 – 11th – 18th June will encourage fundraising for the cause. As a result, many diabetes charities such as Diabetes UK offer free fundraising packs.  These are to help individuals and organisations to fundraise effectively. Did you know that someone receives a diabetes diagnosis every two minutes? Consequently, fundraising is essential to raise the standard of care and change the lives of those with diabetes.

  1. Educate

Many organisations will encounter customers, employees and visitors with diabetes. Fortunately, you can help staff to become more empathetic and understanding of the issues that can come with diabetes. Exclusively for trainers, VideoTile offers a Diabetes Awareness Course. As a result, your training organisation can deploy this online course to businesses that can benefit. The course explains more about the condition and what’s involved in treatment.

The educational and helpful course can help to bring about more awareness within the organisation. Furthermore, there is no better time to offer it than during Diabetes Awareness Week 2018 – 11th – 18th June.

Online courses from VideoTile

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