Businesses across all industries require training of some kind. Whether that is sales skills, customer service or data protection, all teams will have their own training needs. As a training provider, it is vital that you can offer business skills training to meet these requirements. Because every business is different, their training requirements will also vary. This is why we have created our suite of business skills online training courses. All our business skills online training courses are available via our distribution network so that you can offer them to clients easily.

What Business Skills Online Training Courses Are Available?

Our range of business skills courses is vast and plentiful. We cater for a vast range of industries so that you can offer your clients the courses they really need. Our business skills online training courses include;

  • Alcohol Personal Licence Holder: This course covers everything required so that learners can become a personal licence holder. This includes UK licensing laws, responsibilities and penalties.
  • Customer Service: This online course covers what customer service is and why it is so important for a business. Learners will go into detail about how customer service can be improved.
  • Introducing GDPR: Perfect for front line data processors because this course covers the main elements of GDPR. It includes compliance and the consequences of non-compliance.


How To Become A Distribution Partner

Here at VideoTile, we created our distribution network because we want training providers to have access to powerful online courses. When you become a distribution partner, you will gain access to our full range of courses, including business skills.

All our courses can be branded to your business and integrated seamlessly into your website. Because we value all our distribution partners, we like to work closely and provide resources such as marketing, creative and technical. Becoming a distribution partner is easy; simply call our team of experts today to discuss your unique requirements.