VideoTile Learning creates bespoke online courses for business. All the content is created in-house because we believe in delivering the highest quality interactive video-based e-learning courses.

You can license a course from our extensive range, but the experts at VideoTile can create a bespoke online course for business. This can be taken from your existing content and tailored to your needs. Extensive industry knowledge means we can also develop new videos using our network of academics, experts and consultants.

How do Bespoke Online Courses for Business Work?

Key individuals from your organisation can be embedded within the learning content. For example, your CEO can appear in real-life situations and business simulations that your people can relate to.

VideoTile works with large businesses, educational establishments and local authorities. We design and build bespoke, branded, video-based online training courses and online promotional videos. These can be used internally or externally with clients or suppliers.

When creating bespoke online courses for business, we use only the most up to date technology. Our specialist online video production methods ensure extremely fast, high-quality streaming. The combination of the presenter, animations and quiz-style questions keeps learners interested and stimulated.

About VideoTile Learning

VideoTile Learning is an industry-leading e-learning and online video production company that creates interactive, video-based e-learning courses for training professionals.

The company evolved from the world of corporate film and broadcast television dating back to 1979 when VideoTile’s Production Director formed a production company to take advantage of new video recording technologies. VideoTile quickly became the most experienced company in the UK, specialising in presenter-led, web video content. In more recent times, VideoTile has used these techniques to develop high-quality, interactive, video-based online e-learning courses for a wide range of sectors.

Contact us to find out about bespoke online courses for business. Our free evaluation will look at how our solutions will work for your business so we find the best option for you.