At VideoTile we provide approved and interactive video-based eLearning courses with clients in many sectors, including construction. Our courses for construction professionals and those who are required to work in construction environments are designed to speed up the training process while ensuring a good level of understanding. Our approved online construction training courses are available exclusively through our distribution partner network.

Online Construction Training E-Learning Courses

Our range of Construction Training e-learning courses is for professionals at different stages of their construction career. The courses are available through our distribution partner network. Here is a closer look at some of the relevant construction courses in our range:

Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos awareness is crucial in many parts of the construction sector and at many levels from labourers to management. Our Asbestos Awareness training meets all the legal requirements for employee awareness training. It helps provide guidance and pointers for avoiding the risks of asbestos exposure. We have an additional course designed specifically for architects and design professionals.

Abrasive Wheels Training

This course is designed for workers who use abrasive wheels. Abrasive wheels refers to a wide range of tools and processes which can be highly dangerous if not handled properly. The course looks at different types of abrasive wheels, covers the hazards and the regulations for their use.


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health is essential training for construction workers who come into contact with any potentially hazardous substances. Their managers should also be trained as they need to understand the regulations to effectively delegate.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid at work training helps to ensure there is at least one employee able to act should there be any need for emergency first aid.

Working at Height

Anyone who works at height or manages people working at height needs adequate training in this highly risky business area. Our course covers dangers involved in this kind of work, the working at height regulations and the consequences of non-compliance.

Working Safely

Working safely is essential in any workplace. Our construction working safely course provides guidance, regulatory information and more for staff and management alike.