As a training provider, you have probably come across alcohol personal licence holder training. It is a common course for both businesses and individuals who supply alcohol at a venue, and so makes a great addition to your portfolio. If you are wondering what alcohol personal licence holder training is and who needs it, then read on.

Who Needs Alcohol Personal Licence Holder Training?

Any venue that sells and supplies alcohol must have a designated premises supervisor, and they must hold a personal licence. This includes any venue or business, such as restaurants, pubs, hotels and more. To obtain a personal licence, individuals must get a level 2 award for personal licence holders qualification.

Because of this, training courses are very popular on this subject. Students will need to sit a 40-question exam and get over 28 questions correct so they can become qualified.

Our alcohol personal licence holder course covers all of the questions that are found in the exam, so individuals can learn everything they need to know. The interactive course covers all aspects of being a personal licence holder, including the legal responsibilities and duty of care. Because so many businesses and individuals require this licence, this training course is very popular. By adding it to your portfolio, you can offer your clients the training they need to gain the qualification and obtain their personal licence.

How We Can Help With Training Your Clients

Here at VideoTile, we understand the importance of engaging learning, and so online courses are interactive. Particularly in our alcohol personal licence holder course, we have created an interactive element to support learning on the issue of age verification. When you choose to add our courses to your portfolio, we can help you with full branding and seamless integrations. To discover more about our courses, contact our expert team.