• Here at VideoTile, we know how challenging the world of interactive training videos can be. It is often a struggle for training providers to offer their clients engaging, relevant and accredited e-learning content. We specialise in creating interactive video-based training courses across a huge range of industries and sectors. If you are a training company looking for accredited e-learning content for health and safety, social care or business skills, we can help.

Why Choose Accredited E-Learning Content?

There are many reasons why our accredited e-learning content could be a good choice for your training business. We offer a vast selection of courses which can help you to train your clients on a range of subjects. The key benefits of our accredited e-learning content include;

  • Interactive Web Presenters: All of our accredited e-learning content uses a website presenter or a ‘VideoTile’. This is a versatile tool because it can be used to train any subject and also engage with any audience. It has been statistically proven that this type of web presenter improves training and website performance.
  • Engaging Online Videos: We use specialist production methods to create accredited e-learning courses that also works seamlessly online. Our training videos are of high quality and fast to download because of the way they are created. We combine a presenter, animations and quiz style questions because they keep the audience engaged and stimulated.
  • Full Branding: All of our accredited e-learning courses can have full branding for your own business. As a training provider, your content must represent your brand. Therefore, we will add your logos and colours. Whether you choose just one of our accredited e-learning content videos or a full package, we can tailor it to your business.

Find Out More About Accredited Course

To find out more about our accredited e-learning courses and to discover how your business could benefit, get in touch with our team today.