Here at VideoTile, we are dedicated to providing the very best interactive video-based e-learning courses for training professionals. Because we understand how hard it can be to keep up with the demands of various clients and industries, we have created our distribution network.

Our team is made up of film and broadcast professionals, creating a knowledgeable and experienced production company. As we have been working on our embedded video content technologies since 1997, we have been able to perfect the technique.

In recent years, our team of experts use their skills and knowledge to develop many interactive e-learning courses. When our customers think about VideoTile learning, they think about our high quality, effective content.

About VideoTile Learning Courses

If you want to know more about VideoTile learning courses, then you have come to the right place. Because we know how powerful our embedded video content technology is, we have used it to create a range of courses. Our team are able to create completely bespoke courses using your existing training content. This option means your e-learning courses are bespoke and unique to your training business. Alternatively, you can become a distribution partner and gain access to our full portfolio of training.

Because we have over 100 courses available, we cover a huge range of industries and professions. Our courses include;

  • Online health and safety e-learning
  • E-learning fire safety training
  • Online manual handling training
  • Food safety training
  • E-learning equality and diversity
  • Online display screen equipment training
  • Legionella training


Find Out More About VideoTile

Our portfolio of courses is vast so that you can find the perfect options for your clients. When you join our distribution network as a partner, you will have access to all our accredited courses, fully customisable branding, and learning management systems. To find out more about VideoTile learning, contact our team of experts today.