About Us


We are an E-Learning training & video production company that creates interactive video-based eLearning courses for training professionals. From building a bespoke programme to licensing from our extensive range of existing courses. Together with the production of highly engaging online video content for your business.


– Website Video Production
– Production Of E-Learning Courses
– Web Presenters
– Online Training
– Interactive Video
– Web Video Content
– Online Promotional Web Videos

We create specially produced video-based content and online promotional videos for a variety of businesses, whether it is for internal use with staff, or externally with clients – VideoTile Learning delivers.

Good communication is at the heart of any successful business plan and here at VideoTile Learning we combine an intimate knowledge of corporate processes and practices with specialist skills in communication. This unique approach to business development results in greater client understanding and product affiliation in a wide range of competitive industries.


The company evolved from the world of corporate film and broadcast television dating back to 1979 when VideoTile’s Production Director formed a production company to take advantage of the then new video recording technologies. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s and early 2000’s the company produced documentary style programs for the ITV network and large corporate organisations both in the UK and USA. The company also maintained offices in Seward Street, Hollywood, CA in addition to its UK production base.

In 1997 in California in association with Internet specialists WareNet, The company came up with the concept of embedding video content into a web page in such a way that it appeared to be functioning as part of a much larger canvas. Dubbed VideoTile the first project involved the production of an online promotional web video for an Internet commercial demonstrating an in car navigation system. 

The company later patented the technique (United States Patent 6570585). Although the technique was designed to work on a simple dial-up connection the technique was probably 10 years ahead of its time, waiting for broadband to fully realise it’s potential.

From the early 2000’s the company acquired an increasing level of expertise in the area of the converging technologies of computer programming, animated graphics and video for a range of platforms that became known as “New Media” VideoTile is now the most experienced company in the UK specialising in presenter led web video content.

In more recent times the company has used these techniques to develop high quality interactive online promotional videos for its clients together with developing interactive video based online e learning courses for a wide range of sectors.