Led by the World Health Organisation, World Hearing Day 2019 – 3rd March takes place in 2019. This year, the theme of the awareness day is to check your hearing. The World Health Organisation hopes that by promoting World Hearing Day 2019 – 3rd March, it will highlight the importance of the invention in hearing loss.

Even the day has been carefully planned. The reason that World Hearing Day takes place on the 3rd March is that the date is 3/3 resembling the shape of two ears.

The importance of World Hearing Day 2019 – 3rd March

Studies suggest that many people across the world live with unidentified hearing loss. This means many individuals miss out on certain words and sounds. This can inhibit understanding and quality of life. Medics suggest that the first step to address the issue is for individuals to check their hearing regularly.

One of the ways that people can check their hearing is through a free app that is being launched by the World Health Organisation on World Hearing Day 2019 – 3rd March. Consequently, The HearWHO app can help to highlight the importance of hearing as well as encouraging practising safe hearing. The app will also encourage people to check their hearing regularly.

As well as the HearWHO app, there is also a Toolkit for World Hearing Day 2019 – 3rd March that you can access here.

How to join in with World Hearing Day 2019 – 3rd March

One of the best ways to join in with the event is by promoting healthy hearing through Noise Awareness Training. Furthermore, Noise Awareness is a great training course for all businesses looking to increase their health and safety awareness.

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