For many business owners or managers, knowing how to progress a team, increase sales and enhance productivity can be a struggle. Providing your clients with the appropriate online training to help their teams prosper in their roles is one of the greatest ways to achieve client satisfaction. This is because it gives them an opportunity to create a productive and well-organised workforce.

Organising on-site training sessions for various teams can be a challenge for a training company. It isn’t always easy to get everyone in the same room at the same time and focused on learning. Online training and e-learning courses are growing in popularity amongst businesses of all shapes and sizes, and there are just a few reasons why online training is more powerful than on-site learning for your clients:

4 Reasons Why Online Training Is More Powerful Than On-Site Learning

Bespoke Courses

VideoTile can create online training videos and e-learning courses specifically for you as a training provider. This means you can offer your clients training from relevant and in-context training courses. This is as opposed to a generic training course that is designed to suit a range of different providers. Online training videos can be created using your own content, or from a range of existing courses.

Engaged Audiences

Specialist online video production methods are available from Videotile. We can create high-quality training videos that will keep your audience engaged while they learn. When it comes to online training, you will be able to offer your customers a combination of different methods. This keeps the training content fresh, and quiz-style questions will keep your audience interested and stimulated throughout their training.

Progress Tracking

When a user completes an online training course, it couldn’t be easier for your clients to keep tabs on their employee’s learning. When a user successfully completes an e-learning course, they will automatically receive a certificate for that module. Your customers can use online video training software to keep a record of all employees training progress and highlight areas where further training might be required.

A Lasting Impression

One of the biggest challenges as a training provider is being able to give your customer’s teams information that they will retain long after the training is over. Online training uses live pictures and animated graphics. Alongside this, the personality of the presenter to create a highly effective training solution. Online training will grab the interest of the audience and deliver a lasting positive impression.

If you want to add online learning for your training products, then VideoTile can help. Talk to our team at sales@VideoTile.co.uk to find out more.