As a training provider, being able to offer your clients manual training means you can help them teach their employees how to work safely. Manual handling training is essential for any businesses.  It is for all employees who may face lifting and carrying during their time at work.

One of the most common causes of injury at work is incorrect manual handling. Furthermore, it accounts for over a third of the injuries that happen in the workplace. Businesses will want to provide their employees with this kind of training in order to minimise the risk of injury. Especially as they could result in absences from work.

What Is Manual Handling Training?

Manual handling training courses will teach learners how they can safely complete their tasks when they involve manual handling. Our online, interactive training courses cover the correct ways to lift heavy objects to reduce injury. They also include how learners can identify and combat any risks. Our manual handling training will teach your clients and their employees why manual handling is essential, how to complete a risk assessment, and how to apply safe manual handling principles.

All of our online courses are produced to the highest quality using specialist online video production methods. We use a combination of a knowledgeable presenter, animations and quiz-style questions for engagement and stimulation. VideoTile can brand and license our manual handling online training courses for your own training company, for you to offer to your portfolio of clients. We create all of our online training content in house. Our seasoned professionals design content that works around your business and your customers. We can also create bespoke manual handling training courses that are unique to you.

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