API stands for Application Programme Interface’. VideoTile’s API software is a bespoke solution that works in conjunction with your Learning Management System or LMS.

Essentially, API is a concept in software technology that refers to how multiple applications can interact with and obtain data from one another. APIs operate on an agreement of inputs and outputs. More details on what API is and how it works can be found here.

Our distributors and their customers are often looking for increasingly seamless candidate journeys using a single Learning Management Systems (LMS). This is especially true for large organisations as some use their own LMS to manage all training.

In response, VideoTile’s API software will allow these customers to continue using their own LMS. However, it allows you can access, purchase and manage VideoTile training courses.

With our API, you can manage all your classroom and online training, together with risk assessments, all in one place. Our system has been tested with other bespoke Learning Management Systems, together with a large number of the most popular ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

VideoTile’s API software allows for an easy install onto either distributors’ or customers’ LMS. It has minimal development so you can offer a complete package using your own LMS.

As your technical partner, VideoTile also offers additional technical and programming support in the set-up process, if you need it.

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Our API is the stepping stone that will allow our distributors to provide even more online training to very large organisations while offering a solution that streamlines their existing systems.

For more information about VideoTile’s API Software, simply call our expert team on 0845 838 2809, send an email or contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.