At Video Tile we specialise in online training course content and all of our content is interactive and video based. Video production is at the heart of all we do and getting from an idea or course description to a finished video product follows a specific process. As specialists in online training and video production, we are involved in every stage of a course’s design from researching the raw materials to recording and production and finishing touches. Let’s look at how our process works.

Initial Briefing and Research Stage

When putting together the content for our courses we consult closely with subject experts. This helps ensure we have a good understanding of learning objectives, and we can deliver the course in the right style, using the right tone of voice for the audience in question. We analyse and assess existing course content to inform our content. We are proud to produce courses that are approve and accredited by industry bodies, so they need to be 100% correct. Without the right briefing stage, the video production won’t be as successful as it could be.

Selecting Presenters

We have access to a pre-auditioned pool of experienced voice actors and presents. Dependent on the look and style required for the course, we will select the most suitable present. Our present is chosen to reflect the requirements of the course and just like a regular course tutor, they must be able to effectively build rapport with the audience so the right presenter really matters.


We work with professional scriptwriters to develop the scripts for the video courses. The scripts are written using the initial briefing documents. The writers have the expertise to get the learning message across succinctly and in an engaging way. Our scripts are immediately relevant to the learner and subject to keep their interest and engage.


Once we have a full understanding of the course requirements, we can map out the story idea and match graphic and pictorial elements with the script. We present this in storyboard format as this makes it easy to include additional elements as necessary.

Graphic Design and Gamification

Animated graphics help to add the interactivity to our courses. Animated graphics can synchronise with the presenter’s delivery and help to reinforce the lesson being addressed. Our team can also build in gaming elements to interactive video courses to add to their ability to engage.

Video Recording

We carry out all recording in our specially equipped studios. We utilise the latest filming techniques and modern technologies when filming on location and our presents utilise autocue to ensure word perfect performances for every course. Our experience in the industry means we have perfected our in-studio and on-location techniques to ensure unparalleled quality.

Video Editing

Raw video content always needs editing. Our professional editing teams edit and key the raw video so the final video component for the course is complete. Editing is often the stage where additional graphic content and interactive features can be effectively incorporated. Editing is a key feature of the video production process and vital for a completed course.

Course Delivery

Our in-house Learning Management System was purpose-designed for delivery of our course content. It has distributor and customer interfaces for ease of use and it allows our distributors to effectively manage their customer accounts whilst also providing individual accounts for your customers to manage their employee training. If you prefer you can also utilise our LMS alongside your existing infrastructure, utilising our open API software.

We take great care and attention in every VideoTile creation and are proud to have hundreds of courses in our catalogue and distributors around the UK.