COVID-19 has become a prevalent part of many of our lives, and it’s something we simply cannot ignore. We offer a range of specific training courses to support our training sector clients deliver high-quality and relevant training for their customers. Our COVID-19 Safe Workplaces training course is a really valuable addition to your business. It is available to be white labelled, and you easily distribute it amongst your customers.

COVID-19 Safe Workplaces

This Covid-19 Safe Workplaces E-Learning course explores the risk to workers caused by the Covid-19 virus. It also covers actions that employers and employees can take to protect themselves and each other as they return to work. The content of this Covid-19 Safe Workplaces online course is based on the latest information from the UK government and the NHS.

The Covid-19 Safe Workplaces E-Learning course covers information about the virus. It also looks at risk assessments and personal safety, and how to change the work environment to address these risks.

Aimed at employers and employees, the Covid-19 Safe Workplaces E-Learning course helps managers to plan and implement changes to the workplace. It can also help ease the transition back to the workplace for those returning to an in-person work location after long periods of remote working.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for the risk assessment department of any business. It is valuable for anyone responsible for risk assessment and health safety. It can be helpful for employees returning to work after working from home. New employees beginning work for the first time since the pandemic can also benefit.

The course is made up of three distinct modules to help learners understand the impact of COVID-19 and how to manage this impact:

  1. The COVID-19 virus
  2. COVID-19 risk assessment and personal safety
  3. COVID-19 in the daily work environment

Why use online video training?

This course is only 30 minutes long and easy to fit in amongst other daily tasks. Online training is the most flexible form of learning, allowing your customer’s learners to progress at a pace that suits their learning style. The IIRSM and CPD also approve this course.

Healthier, Safer Workplaces with VideoTile

Investing in our training courses allows you to provide your customers with a quality range of learning materials. It ensures their employees can access the training they need quickly and at a pace that suits their needs. Get in touch today to discuss your business needs and to find out more about our COVID-19 Safe Workplaces course.

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