Upskilling existing team members with tailored E-Learning courses for Childcare Settings can prove invaluable. VideoTile creates interactive video-based e-learning courses and we offer 6 CPD accredited courses. The courses cover a wide range of learning for all levels so can also be used for new team members.

The Early Years sector is a vast and diverse area of learning so you need to provide suitable training. Our childcare online learning courses are perfectly curated to support your learners in gaining new qualifications and skills.

Our full suite courses can be white labelled and distributed by you.

E-Learning Courses for Childcare Settings

The ability to offer a range of online courses to your customers is important. The childcare suite offers a wide range so you can meet the needs of the businesses you work with.

VideoTile’s E-Learning Courses for Childcare Settings can be used in conjunction with classroom training or as refresher training.  They can even be used as modules in apprenticeships and in packages with other products and services.

The core course offered is the Introduction to Early Years Foundation. This is commonly referred to as the EYFS.  This is a framework that all Early Years providers, including childminders, must follow.

This Introduction to Early Years Foundation Stage E-Learning course aims to provide a gentle introduction to the expectations of the Early Years Foundation Stage. It can also act as a refresher for those wanting to update their knowledge.

Additional courses include Health and Safety for Childminders.  This is incredibly important when being responsible for children in a private setting. Safeguarding Children, Leadership and Management and Book Keeping are alternatives.  All are imperative for learners in EYFS.

About VideoTile Learning

VideoTile Learning is a film production company and we create highly engaging E-Learning, branded for you. We use specialist online video production methods which ensure extremely high quality and fast content streaming.

The combination of the presenter, professional scripts and animations keep learners interested.  Add in interactive games and quiz-style questions and learners are stimulated so you get great results!

Whether you choose the white label option or a fully bespoke range of online courses, we have something for you.

How We Can Help You

The VideoTile team will work closely with you from the start so you understand the process.  We will provide you with a dedicated Customer Services Advisor because a single point of contact streamlines the set up for you.  In addition, we will be an extension of your technical and marketing capabilities.

The initial set-up will involve training on the Learning Management System and sales techniques.  This is followed by the implementation of the courses and payment functionality onto your website.

If you are looking for a range of E-Learning Courses for Childcare Settings just email or call 0845 838 2809 so you can chat with our expert team.